The LEAF Fund


Loopring Ecosystem Advancement Fund, or LEAF, is an umbrella fund. Each of its sub-fund is dedicated to one of our target blockchains that the Loopring Protocol has been or will be deployed onto.

  • LEAF4c is the sub-fund for Loopring on Ethereum and Loopring common infrastructure and tools.
  • LEAF4n is the sub-fund for Loopring on NEO.
  • LEAF4q is the sub-fund for Loopring on Qtum.


LEAF fund has been set up to:

  1. Incentivize community contributors, including social media managers and advocates, crypto influencers, as well as designers and developers. All candidates (exclude developers) must submit their monthly contribution reports to receive token rewards; developer contributions will be evaluated based on their pull requests.
  2. Invest in DEX and related projects and companies. The core team of candidates projects or companies must be full-time and dedicated and have to go through a due diligence process.

Call for Projects

1. Event-Sourcing Based Relay Implementation

Our current relay implementation persists orders and some other data to hard disks (using database such as MySql). We would like to try a different architecture based on event-sourcing frameworks such as Akka Persistence. Event-sourcing builds in-memory states from event logs and thus may achieve much higher throughput. With the help of Event-sourcing Views, caching and read-write separation will also be easier.

We prefer golang, Scala, and Java for this alternative implementation.

2. Market Making Tools

For all exchanges, centralized or decentralized, market-making is very crucial for providing liquidity, which is an important part of user experience. We call developers to write tools for detecting signals and execute different trading strategies. Our goals include:

  • Providing liquidity without price manipulation;
  • Providing liquidity without losing money;
  • Providing liquidity for both centralized exchanges and DEX using Loopring Protocol.

3. Android Loopr Wallet App

We are working on the Loopr iOS wallet app, which will support trading right from your wallet. If you are experienced Android developers, you can check out our iOS app UX/UI design (which will be made public soon) and develop the Android wallet app for us.

4. A Mobile-Friendly Ring Browser

The ring browser should be highly responsive so people can view the Loopring Transaction or rings with different mobile devices. This browser should also be embeddable for third-party mobile apps.

Loopring rings should be visualized in the browser in such a way that order owners can easily figure how their orders were filled, and ring-miners can easily understand how they have been paid by each successful trade.

Call for Contributions

All contributors need to submit monthly reports to summarize their contributions to qualify for LEFF rewards. They shall agree that these reports can be made publicly available for the community or third-party for evaluation. LEAF may not pay for small or ad-hoc contributions and prefers to incentivize long-term and dedicated community contributors.

1. White-paper Rewriting

Loopring’s original white-paper is now partial outdated. We need someone who is good at LaTeX and technical writing to rewrite the whitepaper for us. The new version shall incorporate all the latest protocol development such as the new fee model, wallet incentivization mechanism, and our anti-front-running technology called Dual Authoring.

After the new English white-paper is made available, we want it to be translated into Simplified Chinese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, German, and Spanish, and maybe more other languages. Each translation will be paid separately. The final delivery shall be compilable LaTeX files for generating PDF output. We do not accept half-baked files or Words documents.

2. Telegram Channel Managers

We need volunteers to manage the following Telegram channels:

To received the reward, you’ll be interviewed so we can be sure you truly understand how Loopring works and its ecosystem. Please make sure you read our docs and white-paper before you contact or

3. Videos and Artworks

We want to reward selected videos that explain how Loopring Protocol works, its potential impact on token exchanges, etc., based on the video’s quality, duration, language, and a number of viewers. We rate videos withdrawing and animations higher than those interview type videos.

We also want to have cool and fun artworks, such as logo animations, high definition images, and posters, etc. We are not going to set up competitions any more but you can submit your artworks to anytime you want.

We need to make it clear that NOT ALL artworks submissions will be rewarded, but only those that we really like and will use.


LEAF was set up to reward contributors and invest in DEX projects and companies. Community contributors are paid after their contribution, and investments are done with due diligence. Paid services are not covered by LEAF.

If you want to contribute, please feel free to contact us. If you have contributed already, please follow the instruction on GitHub to submit your monthly report.

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