Are you a designer, a social influencer, or a writer? Do you want to share your understanding and perspectives on the Loopring Protocol or DEX in general? If so, this LEAF bounty program is right for you.

The recent panic[1][2] in the marketplace is just another reminder that the future of token trading needs to happen in a decentralized and trustless fashion. This speaks to the very essence of why we are building Loopring and we believe it’s incredibly important to share this message with the broader cryptocurrency community. That is why we are looking to reward community members, through our recently announced LEAF fund, to create compelling content that really drives home the message of what Loopring is trying to accomplish in a fun and meaningful way that is easy to interpret.

Exploring the Emotional Touchpoints of the Loopring Protocol

It is very common in the blockchain world where the highly technical language used to describe the technology makes it challenging for many to discern the real world implications of the protocol. Fortunately, the Loopring protocol is solving a lot of problems and providing benefits that are incredibly relevant to the average crypto investor. Here are a few:


  • The overhanging anxiety created by the periodic news or rumor that a centralized exchange (CEX) has been hacked or is on the verge of insolvency.
  • The poor user experience of trying to trade on a decentralized exchange (DEX) with anemic trade volume and the majority of bids are highly opportunistic and out of the money.
  • Having to keep coins in multiple exchanges so you can quickly execute trades on fast moving trade opportunities.
  • The constant need to transfer tokens between the CEX and your wallet to prevent major losses to a hacked exchange account.
  • Realizing you didn’t keep enough ETH in your wallet so you can transfer the tokens back to the exchange account.


  • Loopring’s Ring-Matching technology can split up a trade across multiple counterparties that will make trades execute more efficiently than other protocols. This is a big differentiator compared to other DEX protocols.
  • The Loopring protocol can be used by wallets, DEX, CEX, and HEX which makes the liquidity potential far greater than competing protocols.
  • The simplicity and safety of being able to execute your trades from the wallet of your own choosing. Fewer wallet addresses and fewer passwords to remember.

These are only just a few of the compelling use-case examples to explain Loopring’s potential and we want to give you an opportunity to share your voice by defining use-case examples that capture the Looping’s vision and potential.

Turning Ideas into Shareable Formats

Two big challenges in explaining the benefits of a highly technical protocol like Loopring are:

  1. Creating content that doesn’t require being a full stack developer to understand.
  2. Sharing the content at a time where it’s extremely relevant to the intended audience.

That is why we are looking for a variety of easily shareable formats, including articles, infographics, telegram/wechat stickers, gifs and even videoes, that capture the Loopring vision defined by the use cases mentioned above. We hope this can be a fun way that creatives can turn the Loopring vision into bite-sized content to be shared in the continuous dialogue that is topical in the greater cryptocurrency community.

We will reward the best contributions from the community and begin spreading the Loopring message to the greater community at large with them. Let your voice be heard and we are very excited to see what you can create!

Submission and Rewards

Please post your work on Reddit, AND email us a copy or its link with your Ethereum address. If we love it, we’ll send back roughly

worth of LRC tokens depending on the quality of the work. For outstanding submissions, we will probably publish guest posts on Medium and/or tweet them.

Note that by submitting your works, you agree to authorize us, the Loopring Foundation, to use your work for an indefinite period once we send out any amount of LRC reward.

Should any questions arise while you are exploring ideas for this initiative, please reach out to our founder Daniel Wang.


We want to express our sincere appreciation to Felix Banuchi who approached us with this idea and generously shared us a draft proposal.

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