In early October we announced a competition for our website and logo redesign. We have received 20 submissions for logo redesign and 9 submissions for a web redesign. We truly appreciate all designers who have participated in such a competition. Besides a sincere “thank you”, the Loopring Foundation decided to reward 2000 LRC to each and every participant regardless of the results (this means the winners will get 2000 more LRC each).

It’s a tough job to choose the winners. Even within the team, we have different preferences — some like simple designs and some lean toward those that bare some meaning; some prefer warm colors and others like cooler ones. The results reflect more of our taste than the excellence of the works. If you believe your work is superior to the winning ones, please accept our apologies, it means the majority of us, a bunch of engineers, need to improve our level of appreciation :)

Logo Design Winners

Webdesign Design Winners

#1: Moon Moon <littlemoon****>

#2: Ben Parker <be****>

#3: Fredrik Oseberg <fredrik***>

Note: we are not marking the winning works in this post.

We have made LRC payments to all but two participants who haven’t provided us their Ethereum addresses.

We will follow up with selected winners to further adjust and polish their designs, if we are satisfied with the final work, engineers will convert it into HTML and publish it as our new website.

If you are late for the competition and are still confident in your design, please share it with us. If yours is the chosen one, you’ll get paid no less than the #1 competition winner.

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