Circulr DEX is a decentralized exchange developed by UP Blockchain and Loopring. To support the third airdrop, we have released the alpha version of Circulr DEX V2 for the web.

Features supported in this version of Circulr:

  • New price and volume chart.
  • P2P trading where users create a P2P order that can be scanned by Android and iOS apps.
  • Market trade and P2P trade from browser wallets, hardware wallets and other wallets.
  • Trade in UP Wallet iOS and Android app.
  • Multiple color themes.
  • Multiple layout views.
  • Message center and push notifications.

You can try Circulr DEX at

Video Tutorials

Access Circulr DEX

1. Go to:

2. Click Person Icon on the upper right corner to import your wallet (ex. Up Wallet, Ledger, Metamask, Watch-Only, ImToken)

3. You can change Language / Currency / Trading Fee (LRC) / Order Period in the settings.

4. You can change the format of the columns.

5. Click T-shirt icon to change the theme color.

Tutorial Clip:

Trading Tokens

1. Choose which tokens you want to trade.

2. Choose to buy or sell your token, then input token price and amount.

3. Click buy LRC -> Choose Trading Fee / Time to Live -> Sign and Submit ->Authorize Signature ->Input the password or scan the QR code.

4. Now you can click Orders and see your order status on the order book.

Tutorial Clip:

Converting ETH — WETH

1. Click Wallet on the left column.

2. Go to My Assets

3. Click Convert next to ETH or WETH

4. Choose the amount to convert

5. Click Convert -> Input the password or scan the QR code.

Tutorial Clip:

P2P Trading

1. Choose the amount to sell or buy.

2. Click Exchange -> Sign and Submit -> Scan the QR code -> Share the QR code with the counter party and see the order detail.

3. Now you can see your P2P order status on My Orders under P2P Order.

Tutorial Clip:

We’d love to know your thoughts and feedback on Circulr! Please email [matthew at loopring dot org].

A reminder for anyone participating in the third and final LRN Airdrop: P2P trading period is still happening right now (until Nov 28th), and snapshot will be on Nov 29th or 30th, Beijing time. Thanks!

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