Big Spring Festival airdrop from Loopring and Qbao Foundation. 250K LRQ token will be airdropped. Join to learn more.

The first rocket carrying Blockchain nodes in the human history has been launched on 2nd Feb 2018. On 8th, the Space Blockchain node test was successfully finished. To celebrate the successful operation of the first space blockchain node in the human history, Qtum Foundation and SpaceChain Foundation jointly launched the smart contract of “Happy Spring Festival Airdrop” which based on the smart contract random numbers of space blockchain node, the Spring Festival Airdrops would be distributed to the community through smart contract lottery.

Event Time

14th Feb— 21st Feb 2018 (total of 4 lottery rounds in 5 days)

Participants can join the Spring Festival Airdrop on the Qbao Network and every participant is deemed to agree and abide by the relevant rules.
Spring Festival Airdrop contains Qtum, LRQ (Loopring Qtum Token), SPC, Ink, BOT, and other tokens based on Qtum.

Lottery Generating and Rules

Participants can choose a random 5 digits number from 00000 ~ 99999. During the airdrop, a lottery number (sent out from the satellite Blockchain node according to the smart contract) will be compared to the chosen number to draw lottery.

To Participate in the Space Airdrop (Qbao Network)

During the event, please download Qbao Network v2.2 from the following links:

Enter the Discover page in the app, click Game and select “Match the smart contract random number to win the jackpot” to join the event.

Participants can choose a random 5 digits number and submit as your lottery number (each combination of lucky lottery number can only be used for once per day). The lottery draws for each round (4 rounds at total) can be check in the lottery history (see pic.2)


Extra instruction: The entrances for Qbao Network and Beechat are separated. A user can join the lottery and claim the rewards separately on both platforms at one time, but one user can only draw once on one platform for each round.

Lottery Details

Winning rate: up to 96%. Prize class and the jackpot:

  • Special prize (5 numbers matched)= 0.8%*Jackpot/ number of winners;
  • 1st prize (4 numbers matched)= 13.5%*Jackpot/ number of winners;
  • 2nd prize (3 numbers matched)= 41%*Jackpot/ number of winners;
  • 3rd prize (2 numbers matched)= 35.3%*Jackpot/ number of winners;
  • 4th prize (1 number matched)= 9.4%*Jackpot/ number of winners;

Jackpot=the total amount of all-token prize per round.

Enter 5 lucky lottery numbers and win the token prize(each combination of lucky lottery numbers can only be used for once per day).

Drawing Time

  1. The drawing time is depending on the block number of Qtum Blockchain. The lottery number will be generated once for each 1000 Qtum block number (about 30 hours per drawing);
  2. The lottery starts when the Qtum block number reaches a number that ends with 900;
  3. The lottery ends when the Qtum block number reaches a number that ends with 866;
  4. The drawing actives when the Qtum block number reaches a number that ends with 888 according to the smart contract;

Note: each participant is only allowed to participate once for each round of lottery draw.

  • Round 1:Block number 99888–100888;
  • Round 2:Block number 100888–101888;
  • Round 3:Block number 101888–102888;
  • Round 4:Block number 102888–103888;

Prize Redeem

  • Qbao Network will publish the winning lottery numbers generated by the space node immediately after each round and redeem the prize for platform users;
  • If the participant fails to redeem his/her award before the next round of the lucky draw, he/she will be deemed as has forfeited his/her award during the current round. The forfeited tokens will be carried forward to the next round of the lucky draw.

Contract Theory

Random seeds generating and distributing

The random seed from the Space Blockchain node is generated when the lottery drawing (the block reaches a number ends with 888), and the principle is as follows:

Satellite orbit parameter x satellite power system BCR voltage / 10

Random seeds are broadcast to earth by satellite UHF transmitters, received by ground stations and automatically sent to smart contracts and executed.

Contract landed, smart contract lottery drawing on the ground

The smart contract uses the random seed from the space blockchain node, the current block timestamp, and the address information of the miners as the input conditions, and generates a random five-digit number as the basis for lottery matching in the current round.

Contract code:

Special Note

  • SpaceChain Foundation and Qtum Foundation will not responsible for any unforeseeable incident that prevents this lucky draw from happening. This includes but is not limited to social abnormal incidents, natural disaster etc.
  • If the participants fail to play by the rules, SpaceChain Foundation and Qtum Foundation reserve the right to not distribute the reward to the winners.
  • SpaceChain Foundation and Qtum Foundation will not be responsible for any reward loss due to cyber attack, internet issues, virus attacks or any incidents that affect the normal operation of the Internet.
  • If there is an error due to malicious attempt, SpaceChain Foundation and Qtum Foundation will not be held responsible for that. Please refer to Qbao and Beechat for the final lucky draw results.
  • SpaceChain Foundation and Qtum Foundation reserve the right of final explanation.

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