We are thrilled to announce that Hoss Ma has joined Loopring as our Chief Scientist.

About Hoss

Hoss Ma received his master’s degree in Computer Science from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He joined Google as a software engineer in 2009 and focused on machine translation. Later he joined Yunrang and Travelzen as Director of Engineering to manage the development of scalable backend systems. In 2015, Hoss joined Alipay, a mobile and online payment platform established by Alibaba Group, and became the India Site Tech Lead in 2017. He and his team worked with Paytm, the third-largest payment processing platform in the world, on their payment system architecture & maintenance. Hoss’s previous team now supports more than 100 million users, over 10 million merchants, and 10 million transactions per day.

Hoss Ma <hoss@loopring.org>

As to why he wants to join Loopring, Hoss Ma stated:

“I’m fascinated by the way Loopring uses zero-knowledge proofs for scalability. The performance benchmark of the new [Loopring] protocol is something I didn’t expect; I didn’t believe the [DEX] throughput issues can be solved so quickly and securely… It’s about time for DEX to become mainstream, and I definitely want to be part of this new frontier.”

His Role in Loopring

As Loopring's Chief Scientist, Hoss will work with our engineering team to offer a robust and scalable relayer (backend) solution to support many DEX client partners. His experience in designing and developing ultra high performing payment systems will be invaluable. He will also lead the effort of designing LRC Staking economics and a Loopring DAO.

Momentum for the Team and Space

The recent onboarding of an experienced CTO, Steve Guo, and now a talented Chief Scientist in Hoss Ma, demonstrates the very promising future of decentralized exchanges, and Loopring's solutions in particular. With these two new technical talents, we will accelerate the deployment of protocol 3.0 on Ethereum and the productization of the Lightcone relayer and ZKP prover.

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