Loopring will airdrop the second batch of LRN to LRC holders on September 5. We have made changes to the rules of this airdrop. Combining the previous airdrop rules, we will explain the general rules in this article.

Airdrop Rules

  1. You must bind your Ethereum and NEO addresses, without address binding, we will not be able to airdrop any LRN to you. If your addresses are already bound, you do not need to bind them again because the binding is permanent; otherwise, please use Loopr to bind your addresses. Please remember: Loopr does not check the validity of your target NEO addresses, you need to validate them yourself.
  2. This airdrop will offer 2 LRN per 100 LRC, but the upper limit per address is 5,000 LRN, including those of all centralized exchanges. In other words, even if your address holds more than 250,000 LRC, it will still get 5,000 LRN. We recommend that you split large LRC addresses into multiple smaller ones.
  3. We will only airdrop to addresses that have made at least one trade using the Loopring Protocol. See below for a list of wallets you can use. We don’t’ have specific requirements regarding trading volume nor type of tokens.
  4. The LRC addresses participating in the long-term incentive program are not affected by rule #2 and #3.
  5. This airdrop is designed to give away up to 20% of total LRN supply which is 27,901,521, but we will most likely airdrop only a portion of it. The rest will be burned on the same day.
  6. We will take a snapshot around September 1st and announce the snapshot height after the fact.

The Loopring Foundation reserves the right to change and interpret all airdrop activity rules, including those for LRN.

How to Bind Your Addresses

Please watch the video below for how to bind:

How to Trade on Loopring

You can choose one of the following wallets to perform a Loopring DEX trade:

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