Today we are introducing a new Contribute + Earn program into the Loopring L2 ecosystem. We are rolling out a new ambassador role as well as formalizing our Loopring Legend role in order to recognize and reward those who contribute to the growth of the Loopring L2 ecosystem!

Last year we launched the Loopring Community Creator Grants. This initiative gave recognition to the special builders in our community by giving them the title of “Looping Legend” in our Discord as well as awarding them with a small grant and a Loophead NFT.

The success of this program led us to decide to extend this recognition to more builders, while also setting up a new role for educators and content creators who help spread the word about Loopring and promote adoption of L2 technology. As such, we are now expanding this ‘Legend’ role, and also introducing a new role called L2 Loopers, which will be reserved for Loopring ambassadors who work to educate others and increase awareness and adoption of Loopring through their marketing efforts.

This will be an ongoing program, with monthly new recipients who will receive new role within the community as well as a Loophead NFT!

More details below👇

What is an L2 Looper💙

We are also unveiling a brand new role within the Loopring L2 community, called the L2 Loopers.

This new role gives the average person within the Loopring community, who may not be as technically savvy but wants to help grow the ecosystem, an extra incentive to get more involved.

Quality content contributors and avid quality promoters, who help spread the word of Loopring L2 to new audiences can now get their hands on this role as well as a Loophead NFT to go along with it!

How to obtain L2 Looper role

We will look to give out this role to Loopring community members if they are regularly promoting Loopring L2 amongst various social networks including Twitter, Reddit, Instagram etc.

Content should not be spammy and could include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Educational threads or blogs on zkRollups, Loopring Wallet, L2 functionality
  • Highlighting NFT creators or games on Loopring
  • Quality discussions across social media channels to help bring more awareness to other communities about Loopring L2
  • Valuable business development efforts that help promote more building and activity on Loopring L2

Always be sure to follow the community rules within each and every social community when promoting Loopring L2. We will be on a lookout for quality content that helps promote the ecosystem in a healthy way that is easily digestible and educational for all potential consumers.

What is a Loopring Legend🧡

You’ve probably seen the Loopring Legend role within our Discord already; the Loopring Community has a few Legends amongst us, whom have already been rewarded with a Loophead NFT.

This role in the past has been primarily given out to developers and builders who have contributed amazing tools, games and other projects to improve the Loopring L2 ecosystem. This will continue to be the case moving forward, but we wanted to formalize the process — making it achievable for more people building projects on Loopring whether big or small.

We’ve also recently launched our new Community Creator Grants. This program gives developers and builders an extra monetary incentive, by giving out LRC or USDC grants for larger projects that really move the needle on Loopring L2 ecosystem adoption.

These two initiatives will work in parallel, and it is possible for a builder to receive both the Legend role and a grant; however, this will also open up the door for smaller builders to gain exposure and get more involved in the ecosystem in a fun way.

How to obtain Loopring Legends role

We will look to promote Loopring Community members to Legends role if they are developing/building the following on Loopring L2:

  • Tools to help grow the L2 ecosystem
  • Quality games to help promote the adoption of L2
  • Open-source projects that help promote usage of L2

How often will these roles be given out?

These roles will be given out on an ongoing basis each month, but could be also given out at random on shorter intervals if seen fit.

We will be monitoring all social channels on a regular basis and will also set up new Discord channels where other members of the community can nominate others to get noticed and potentially get the role.

Get onto our Discord, Instagram, Reddit and Twitter today to get involved!💙

There’s never been a better time to get active in the community. Learn, meet new friends, contribute to the growth of the Loopring L2 ecosystem and possibly also acquire a Loophead NFT in the process!

About Loopring

Loopring is an Ethereum Layer 2 zkRollup protocol for scalable, secure DeFi and NFT applications. Loopring builds non-custodial, high-performance products atop our L2, including the Loopring Wallet — a mobile Ethereum smart wallet, and the Loopring L2 web app — an L2 orderbook and AMM DEX. To learn more, follow us on Medium or see