After having announced many projects who are building on top of the Loopring Protocol a few weeks back, we wanted to introduce a new DEX who is leveraging Loopring and launching soon: Dolomite.

Dolomite is building web and mobile frontend applications along with backend ring-mining relays. Functioning as a full-service DEX, Dolomite aims to provide users with the most simple and comprehensive non-custodial portfolio management and trading experience on the market.

The Dolomite platform is effectively split into two parts: Portfolio and Exchange, or said differently, tracking and trading.


Dolomite presents an incredibly detailed and granular level of price tracking and analysis for thousands of tokens. This data is provisioned by their powerful Slate Market API. Dolomite brings together your wallet information from the blockchain and combines it with deep historical market data, giving you a detailed view of your portfolio’s value over time. Simply plug in your wallet to access all this data.


Using Dolomite requires no signup or logins, and gives users access to deep liquidity from the safety of their own wallet. Traders need not manually wrap ETH or approve tokens for trading as its friction is abstracted away through a streamlined user interface. Simply plug in your wallet and trade.

Ready for closed beta within the next month, we’re excited to see the team produce high quality and user-focused portfolio manager and exchange.

Find Dolomite at:
⭑Twitter: Dolomite
⭑Reddit: r/Dolomite
⭑Medium: Dolomite
⭑Facebook: @DolomiteOfficial
⭑Instagram: @dolomite_io

Disclosure: the Loopring Foundation has invested in Dolomite.

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