Loopring Foundation will reward up to 100,000 LRN and 100,000 LRQ for translating our new whitepaper into 10 languages.

Background & Objectives

We recently released a new Loopring whitepaper in English. This whitepaper is much easier to read than the origin one but still very technical, as it is supposed to be.

We want to incentivize open-source community to translate it into the following language: Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, German, Vietnamese, French, Korean, and Italian.

100,000 LRN and 100,000 LRQ are prepared to incentivize volunteers. As of the last round of private token sale, the price of LRN and LRQ are1.0 USD and 0.45USD respectively.

The Deliverables

The whitepaper has been maintained in this github repository. The whitepaper PDF file was compiled from two source files: 1) en_whitepaper.tex and 2) whitepaper.bib, where en_whitepaper.tex is the main LaTex file and the only one you need to translate, while whitepaper.bib is the bibliography file that contains all publications we cited.

If you don’t know LaTex, here is a Word document for the whitepaper. Feel free to work with your favorite editor, when it’s ready , copy and paste your work into a Google doc — name it as “xx_whitepaper_your_name” — make sure anyone who have its URL has access for comment. Please put your team’s contact information in the doc so other contributors can reach you. When your Google doc is ready, share it with Daniel Wang for review. In case you are the sole contributor, Daniel will tweet your translation for community review. If you don’t work with LaTex, no need to translate the diagrams.

If you do know how to use LaTex we assume you know git too. Please feel free to clone the repository and make a copy of en_whitepaper.tex and rename it to xx_whitepaper.tex where xx represents the language, then you can edit the file directly and track changes with git. When your pull request is ready, Daniel will also tweet it if you are the sole contributor so people can review the generated PDF file — please make sure your source files compile.

Before starting the translation, email Daniel Wang and cc all your team members, we can use that same email thread for communication.


  • For each language, we have prepared 10,000 LRN and 10,000 LRQ for all contributors. We strongly encourage you to join a team to collaborate. Eventually we will only select and reward the single best work.
  • We will send tokens to the team lead, and he/she will be responsible for distribute tokens among team members.
  • If the final deliverable are github pull requests with translated diagrams, and the final PDF can be generated correctly, we will reward 10,000 LRN and 10,000 LRQ to the team; if the final deliverable are github pull requests without translated diagrams, we will reward 90% of the bounty reward; if the final deliverable is a Google doc, we will reward 75% of the bounty reward. Depending on the quality of the translation, additional discount may also apply.


These bounties are valid until May 15th 2018. Please make sure you submit your work before the deadline.

Got Questions?

Please join us in our Telegram channel (Loopring_whitepaper) for questions and collaborations on these bounties. Make sure 1) you fully understand what the Loopring Protocol is and how it works, and 2) you and your team has a way to communicate with each other — we probably won’t have time to answer fundamental questions.

Daniel is traveling in China during the next two weeks, accessing to Telegram is limited and infrequent. For urgent questions, please use email.

For more up-to-date information, join us on social media:
⭑ Twitter: twitter.com/loopring.org
⭑ Reddit: reddit.com/r/loopringorg
⭑ Telegram: t.me/loopring_en
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