We have 250 Loopheads up for grabs in this 2-week long Loophead challenge. The contest starts on February 22nd 0:00:00(UTC) and finishes on March 8th 23:59:59(UTC).

Drop #5 is for the Earners! Users who use any of the new Dual Investment products on L2 have the chance to get their hands on one of the 250 Loopheads NFTs that will be randomly airdropped to winning wallets at the end of the contest period.

Qualifying Earn Products🏆

★ all Dual Investment options

How to Win your Loophead NFT

There is only one way to win, via Lucky Draw, which will be ticketed (by investment volume) during the qualifying period.

Ticketed Lucky Draw

All participants will be able to try their luck in this competition with the Lucky Draw, as 250 addresses will be selected at random to win at the end of the qualifying period.


This lucky draw will work on a ticketing system, where one ticket receives one entry into the lucky draw. Tickets are rewarded to the Top “Earners” by invested volume in any of the Dual Investment products on Loopring L2 — the tickets will be rewarded as follows:

✅ Top 1–250 Earners (by invested volume) receive 10 tickets *

✅ Top 251–500 Earners (by invested volume) receive 8 tickets *

✅ Top 501–750 Earners (by invested volume) receive 6 tickets *

✅ Top 751–1000 Earners (by invested volume) receive 3 tickets *

✅ Top 1001+ Earners (by invested volume) receive 1 ticket *

* minimums apply to total (accumulative) invested volume (see below)

Additional Rules

  • To be eligible for the lucky draw, you must make Loopring Earn investments, in any of the Dual Investment products on Loopring L2, during the entire eligibility period, that accumulate to a total of at least $250 USD equivalent
  • We calculate the total invested volume for each address on a daily basis and total the volume over the course of the qualifying period
  • Total volumes are measured in $USD
  • Only the principal amount invested is counted towards the competition (not any potential rewards that are earned)
  • Wash trading will not be counted towards the competition
  • Addresses can only win one Loophead in each competition

Leaderboard Tracking

Want to see where you stand? We’ve built out a leaderboard to see exactly where you are in the standings. Follow along here throughout the competition👇


That’s it! Layer up to Loopring L2 and start Earning with an extra bonus of being able to acquire a Loophead NFT in the process — keeep an eye out for more upcoming rapid Earn competitions💙

About Loopring

Loopring is an Ethereum Layer 2 zkRollup protocol for scalable, secure DeFi and NFT applications. Loopring builds non-custodial, high-performance products atop our L2, including the Loopring Wallet — a mobile Ethereum smart wallet, and the Loopring L2 web app — an L2 orderbook and AMM DEX. To learn more, follow us on Medium or see Loopring.org.