The first edition of our Loophead NFT airdrop contests is now complete! Users who made a FIAT deposit onto Loopring L2 from December 21st to January 30th were entered into a draw for a chance to win a Loophead NFT.

The event brought impressive levels of participation and activity to Loopring L2 from both new and old users. We would like to thank everyone who participated and appreciate the community for their high level of support and feedback.

The first pack of 970 Loopheads will be distributed to the winners on February 7th. Here is some data from the event:


During the event period, a total of 8,000 L2 accounts used our direct L2 fiat on-ramps, while the total number of FIAT transactions reached over 20,000.

We would like to thank our on-ramp providers Ramp and Banxa who made this all possible. Users no longer need to jump through hoops or waste gas to get onto Loopring L2. Our FIAT onramp has now become the preferred method for onboarding to Loopring over the past few months and we’re excited for more regions to add FIAT support soon.

The following winning addresses will be distributed a Loophead NFT to their Layer 2 accounts on February 7th:

Thank you all again for your participation. The total collection will be 10,000 Loopheads, split across 10 special edition packs of 1,000. Continue enjoying gas-free Ethereum and keep an eye out for more announcements on how to win a Loophead NFT in 2022!

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