Loopring recently visited Australia as part of the Intersekt 2017 FinTech Festival and has developed strong relations with YBF Ventures and the State Government of Victoria. Loopring looks forward to expanding its DEX ecosystem to Australia.

Based out of YBF’s new 3100 square meter headquarters in Melbourne’s CBD, YBF Fintech Hub provides a platform to facilitate the web’s next major iteration, the shift towards a decentralized web — Web 3.0. The hub is the first of its kind and will enable a handful of curated decentralized technology startups to co-locate themselves with other high-potential projects in the space and as a community. YBF aims to usher in this major technological shift through a primary focus on enabling the development of core infrastructure and protocols.

As one of the founding and strategic partners of the Web 3.0 project, there is a range of reasons for this partnership.

About Loopring Protocol

Loopring is the protocol for decentralized exchanges. With Loopring, all building blocks of a traditional exchange are disassembled and put together again as different roles in a decentralized environment. These roles include wallets, relays, liquidity sharing consortium blockchains, orderbook browsers, ring-miners, and asset tokenization services.

About YBF Fintech Hub

YBF Fintech Hub has been focusing on advancing Australia’s technology entrepreneurial ecosystem, initially from its iconic premises in the Melbourne CBD — the former York Butter Factory, from which ‘YBF’ stems. It works in partnership with ASX200 and Fortune1000 corporates & Australia’s globally-renowned academic and research institutions.

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