We are delighted to announce the partnership with O3 wallet, the leading NEP5 wallet provider in the NEO ecosystem. O3 wallet has been sponsored by the NEO Council, and the team has been well known for their contributions to the NEO open source community.

O3 team will provide support for Loopring’s LRN airdrops; and Loopring will collaborate with O3 Labs to bring decentralized trading experience to the NEO ecosystem.

About O3 Wallet

O3 project was created by Standford CS students Andrei Terentiev and Apisit Toompakdee. The O3 wallet is the mobile gateway to the NEO smart economy. O3 is a hot wallet in which you can safely store NEO assets, and claim GAS. With O3 you’ll be be able to interact with the NEO smart economy in a secure and user-friendly way. O3 is available on both Android and iOS.

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