Loopring’s COO, Johnston Chen, was invited to the Token Economy Summit to share his thoughts on the token economy and Loopring ecosystem in Shenzhen, China, on Nov 11.

The token economy created by blockchain will encompass a larger domain than a sharing economy, and make the exchange of public goods and money more flexible. In particular, the value of social capital and natural capital, hidden in the shadow of the monetary economy, has been reconsidered, and sharing via blockchain is progressing. The token economy gives investors more decentralized governance rights and pushes the progression of small communities.

Loopring Protocol is the protocol for decentralized token exchange. With so much development and activity going on — not just by the Loopring Foundation, but by the third-party projects building on top — Johnston introduced Loopring’s “V Plan” for the Chinese community. The plan is about recruiting, training, and rewarding Loopring evangelists in China. As part of Loopring the plan, the first group of Loopring enthusiasts in China have been educated and engaged.

In addition, PwC Hong Kong, a member of the PwC global professional services network, has formed a joint research initiative with Loopring. The initiative is tasked with exploring standards and practices to support future security tokens and stablecoins, further enhancing the token economy of Loopring.

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