Last 3 weeks we spent quite some time on refunding to our Chinese investors, as of today, our circulating supply is roughly 286M, or 20.5% of the total supply. We will continue to monitor the Chinese market and proactively communicate with Chinese communities, but our team is shifting focus to a much larger global audience.

As a way to communicate with the community, we will publish bi-weekly dev updates on Medium and their links to Twitter, Slack, Telegram, and multiple WeChat groups.

Project Documentation

  • We plan to continuously improve our documentation so the community and potential partners can have a better and more thorough understanding of Loopring protocol and the ecosystem. These documents are published on We are so glad to receive help from the community, especially from @supersimmetry and @thomas from Slack channels. This documentation is an ongoing effort, and we welcome more people to contribute. Loopring foundation will keep rewarding contributors.

Protocol Smart Contracts

  • We have implemented the very first version of the protocol. Now our engineers are working on the unit tests.
  • We are also working on an initiative, to send a design/code review request to the open-source community, for getting feedback regarding protocol design, especially from a game theory perspective. We haven’t done this before, so any ideas and suggestions are highly welcomed. This design review requires some basic documents to be ready, so we don’t have to personally answer the same questions again and again. People with valuable feedback will be greatly rewarded.


  • We have already implemented a very early stage version. Next step would be unit-testing and ad-hoc testing on Ethereum testnet or with fake data.
  • Integration with the Protocol is yet to be done, but as long as the ABI doesn’t change a lot, miner software should be able to change much. Later on, we need to focus on fault-tolerance and performance.


  • We started from the open-sourced version of MyEtherWallet, removed extra functionalities and added trading related pages.
  • Currently, we focus on functionality, not UI. We are looking for a UI designer to design a fresh new and much cooler UI for us. To help him/her understand the overall product, we need better documentation as well as most functionality ready. If you are a UI designer with interactive web design experience, please send your works to us
  • We are also working with another wallet app startup to form an exclusive partnership, their ETH wallet will support token trading using Loopring protocol.


  • We finished a draft Relay JSON-API design. We will start from there to implement relay logics and improve the API as we go.


In general, development-wise, we are in good shape. Operation-wise, we expect LRC to be listed by more exchanges in the coming month.