Protocol Smart Contract

  • We wrote more unit tests, current test coverage is over 90%.
  • To test the protocol more thoroughly, we finished a referencing implementation of the protocol using JavaScript. This referencing implementation will make it easier to write more tests.
  • We analyzed gas usage for many functions, now we have a better idea where gas is consumed. If the ring-miner uses 21Gwei as the gas price, each order’s gas usage is about 1.1 to 1.3 USD or 7.1 to 8.6RMB. We also tried to use 4Gwei as gas price, rings were also accepted by Ethereum miners.
  • We announced a bug bounty and an optimization bounty. We would like to pay up to 200K LRC for major bug findings and 25K LRC for each 1% of gas reduction. To learn more about these two programs, please visit our previous blog.
  • We are working with third-parties to get our contracts audited independently.
  • Today we deployed our smart contracts to the Ethereum mainnet. This pre-release will be tested more thoroughly with real token/coins. Here are the addresses:

* TokenRegistry: 0x2d39D06237fC4A399Aef944f8E012694Cb731afC
* TokenTransferDelegate: 0x3FDFd6f586EC42B4dB17bAc2CC2ACd1587004F1c
* RinghashRegistry: 0xF10FeF19e61ef739A9D2D60c520723023F7Bf7fb
* LoopringProtocolImpl: 0x4c44d51cf0d35172fce9d69e2beac728de980e9d

You can watch contract at 0x4c44d51cf0d35172fce9d69e2beac728de980e9d, we are likely to submit some rings for testing.


  • Kept refactoring code.
  • Now the miner can handle block re-organization and is also capable of parsing events emitted by the protocol.
  • We are testing miner's integration with the Loopring smart-contract. Submitting rings of orders has already been accomplished, but there are still so many optimizations and refactor to be done.
  • A design review is being prepared next week.

Wallet — Looper

  • Laid out most major pages and components, but most interaction with a selected relay remains to be done — currently, most data are mocked.
  • Internal users can submit valid orders to relay using Looper’s interface. The rest of the interactions are actually simpler.


  • Finished forward proper calls to Ethereum node.
  • Finished JSON RPC for submitting, canceling, and querying orders.

Web/Logo Design Competitions

We have received several submissions so far. Some designs are quite impressive. A designer even submitted 3 different designs. We’d like to thank all participants for their support.

Previously we promised that “the results will be announced before 24:00 November 1 PTS.” But since we are having a meetup in Shenzhen China this weekend, and Jay is attending a blockchain event in Australia, we have to postpone the evaluation and result announcement to next weekend. Please be patient.

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