A busy few weeks, filled with integration work of protocol 2.0 with relay 2.0, continued research, and a few conferences in Asia and North America. We’d like to note that on Saturday, January 26th, I (Daniel) will answer a Reddit AMA. Please ask your questions now!


During the last two weeks, we’ve been focusing on Protocol 2.0 and Relay 2.0 integration. Combined, this represents the comprehensive Loopring 2.0 system.

Besides that, we continued working with the Wanchain team and deployed the Loopring protocol smart contracts on Wanchain, allowing their community of devs to use Loopring to build cross-chain DEXs. The details of deployment can be seen on Wanscan and are:

  • Creator: 0x2902f430199397f9B320157021478016Da0F4876
  • WLRC: 0x0f2e7C0E904a525A24FF6f658053f6bA5Ce7A209
  • WETH: 0x28362cD634646620Ef2290058744f9244Bb90ED9
  • BrokerRegistry: 0xEaF0dF9A65e6B97548E2a8fcCC58cC7304Ed68f0
  • BurnRateTable: 0x58c85c107734E40Cf815A134B95318818274E8fa
  • OrderBook: 0x1db0422ba1E0dc146c7468E94f4cADaa5e6cE160
  • OrderRegistry: 0x2472365dD57a9Ef927cadafCDE39A9009A7FC1DE
  • TradeDelegate: 0xC7D59c551A8d5A937A0D5B5F1E1d7d92b81e309E
  • TradeHistory: 0x7D9A78a8d9F3c6BeE71079eB6d58aCeb0C863318
  • FeeHolder: 0x235D48e9f00A13FE9fC0bc77D203B7375d1F6AA8
  • BurnManager: 0x8Eb00a9F8211e0d157C5aB2a51f254de502f5259
  • OrderCanceller: 0xD6a133Dc18edA0974DEd37207d289Db9BeA8532e
  • RingSubmitter: 0x8a0fa3d2b2f2a80cdfaf8ad1348946417a09ec1b

We have also continued the sidechain development with the Dora team. The project has entered the final stage of development.


Lightcone (Relay 2.0)

We have completed encoding, storage and processing for Ethereum event logs. We have implemented data services for tokens and market information. We have completed optimizations for testing framework, preparing for the next integration testing.

We have completed all basic features. In the next step, we will work on Relay deployment and integration testing. After completion of this — some time after the Chinese new year, mid/late Feb— the combined 2.0 experience will be complete, and some focus will shift towards more commercial facing efforts, and, importantly, liquidity provision and market making.

Frontend & Product

iOS & Android

In iOS and Android development, we have completed optimizations for the cryptocurrency news feed section over the past two weeks. We have redesigned and implemented a UI to navigate to the news section from the home view. We have updated the layout of news list view, added news thumbnail photos, font adjustment and others.

Besides the news section, we have completed the market view using native Android SDK. The market view includes market list view, line chart, orderbook, order submission and order cancellation.

All of these features will be included in version 1.6.

Operations & Marketing

  • 01/07/2019 — LRC is listed on stealthex.io, an anonymous crypto exchange (non-order book model).
  • 01/09/2019 — Community video submitted, Talking Loopring Cryptocurrency, by SmashingBloke.
  • 01/10/2019 — Loopring, as one of the WBTC DAO members, shares our Ethereum address in the WBTC DAO: 0xd8056194369F71A98b82799132F71f34084F7660.
  • 01/11/2019 — Loopring attends World Blockchain Forum (WBF) in Shenzhen. An aggregation of many of Asia’s Blockchain experts and enthusiasts to discuss the trending topics of the blockchain industry.
  • 01/11/2019 — Loopring COO Johnston is interviewed by Milin Finance, a Chinese media outlet, and shares ring-matching concept.
  • 01/14/2019 — Loopring publishes the preview of Trust Framework for Fiat-Backed Stablecoin with PwC. The study focuses on the current state of stablecoins, their uses, and potential impact on the cryptocurrency and adjacent industries. Full report to be released this week.
  • 01/14/2019 — Loopring CMO, Jay Zhou, attends the Asian Financial Forum 2019 in Hong Kong.
Dapp Market Report
  • 01/17/2019 — Loopring CEO, Daniel Wang, speaks about Loopring 2.0 and 2019 Development Roadmap in a livestream on the TokenClub app.
Daniel livestream on TokenClub
  • 01/17/2019: Loopring Director of Business Development, Matt Finestone, attends the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, catching up with many of our friends such as Polymath, Decred, Qtum, and Quiknode.

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