Loopring Foundation wishes you a very happy Chinese New Year!!!


Protocol on Ethereum

We have implemented Dual Authoring, a technology for preventing front-running. With this technology, the previous RinghashRegistry has been obsoleted. We have also filed a patent application for the Dual Authoring technology. After the Chinese New Year holidays, we will update and add more tests for the protocol smart contracts. Dual Authoring will be available as part of 1.1 protocol release (originally planned for 1.2) together with the relay/wallet registration and wallet incentivization mechanisms.

Protocol on NEO

We have deployed LRN NEP-5 Token smart contract on NEO’s testnet; we’ve also deployed the initial version of the LRN Airdrop smart contract on NEO testnet. There are several small technical issues to be resolved, luckily the NEO developer team has been very supportive and responsive.

Loopr Web Wallet

We have made some good progress on Loopr2, the next version of our web-based wallet:

  • Loopr2 now supports importing private-keys and unlocking with mnemonic phrases. Integration with MetaMask, Ledger, and TREZOR will become the priorities after the holidays.
  • We have finished a majority of the work related to asset management, including token transfers, ERC-20 trading authorizations, adding custom tokens, etc.
  • We have also completed the functionalities that are related to order-signing, order cancellation by market and by address.

Loopr-iOS Wallet

We have started the Loopr-iOS app development. The iOS app will be written 100% in Swift. We have been working with designers closely to design the first version of the app. We have prototyped the UI of the wallet view, the market view, and the setting view. Besides, we have implemented UI components that will be reused in future development, such as pie chart views, line chart views and button animations powered by Lottie. We have also developed functions to call the new Relay APIs and have implemented unit tests to verify these API responses.

Relay & Mesh

We have been focusing on the new Relay API implementation required by Loopr2 and Loopr-iOS. Many of these new APIs have been implemented and the rest have been mocked to support Loopr2 and Looper-iOS app development. We have also been refactoring the underlying database schema. Previously all orders strictly followed our Uni-Directional Order Model, now extra data have been added so that orders can be displayed to users as buy or sell orders.


We have deployed a LRN Airdrop smart contract on Ethereum mainnet — 0xbf78b6e180ba2d1404c92fc546cbc9233f616c42. The source code of the smart contract has been verified on etherescan.io.

If you are from a technical background, you’ll probably be able to figure out how to bind addresses using etherscan.io and MyCrypto (previously MyEtherWallet). We’ll publish a manual for you two weeks prior to the first airdrop, which is expected to be somewhere in May or June.

Operation and Marketing

  • 02/04/2018: Daniel shared with our Chinese community Loopring’s 2018 roadmap and key milestones, he also answered many questions from the community.
  • 02/05/2018: Daniel was interviewed by ChinaDaily. ChinaDaily later published an article titled Loopring, the new Bitcoin, making the change which has been distributed in their printed papers and made available on their Twitter and Facebook pages.
  • 02/07/2018: Loopring Foundation held a meetup in Columbia University, Daniel shared the overall design of the Loopring Protocol, our progress, and roadmap for 2018.
  • 02/11/2018: Daniel held an AMA on Reddit.
  • 02/12/2018: Daniel was interviewed by MIT Technology Review and shared his perspectives on China’s cryptocurrency regulation, the trend of decentralized exchange of crypto-assets.
  • 02/15/2018: Loopring Foundation set up a Happy New Year Lucky Draw program to distribute free LRC/LRN/LRQ bundle gifts to randomly picked people who follow our WeChat public account.
  • 02/16/2018: We have closed our private LRN SAFT token sale this week. The LRN price in this round of fundraising was 0.75 USD for all the investors.
  • 02/16/2018: We have successfully closed a round of private fundraising for Loopring token on NEO (LRN). We are lucky to have the NEO council, several traditional/crypto funds, and YouTube influencers on board. The price for this round is uniformly 0.75USD per LRN.

Most of our core developers in China are enjoying their well-deserved Chinese New Year holidays. We wish them a very happy Chinese New Year!!!

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