We have deployed Loopring protocol v1.3 with all functionalities implemented. Our web-wallet is fully functional.



On Ethereum: We have deployed protocol v1.3 on top of Ethereum mainnet. Here are the addresses:

TokenRegistry: 0xa21c1f2AE7f721aE77b1204A4f0811c642638da9
NameRegistry: 0xd181c1808e3f010F0F0aABc6Fe1bcE2025DB7Bb7
TokenTransferDelegate: 0x7b126ab811f278f288bf1d62d47334351dA20d1d
LoopringProtocolImpl: 0x0B48b747436f10c846696e889e66425e05CD740f

This is a feature complete release. 20% of miner’s income are paid to wallets. Over the coming months, we’ll focus on optimization for gas reduction, an may deploy several minor releases.

On Qtum: We have also deployed v1.3 on Qtum mainnet:

TokenRegistry: c89ea34360258917daf3655f8bec5550923509b3
NameRegistry: e26a27d92181069b25bc7283e03722f6ce7678bb
TokenTransferDelegate: 60b3fa7f461664e4dafb621a36ac2722cc680f10
LoopringProtocolImpl: 5180bb56b696d16635abd8dc235e0ee432abf25d

On NEO: We are working with NEL (NewEconoLab) on LRN related smart contracts. Thanks to a NEO upgrade released on 03/27/2018, we can finally use one of their new features required for our LRN airdrop smart contract to function.

Based on our current experience, invoking NEO smart contracts to claim airdropped LRN will more complicated than using Ethereum smart contracts. We’ll try to find a way to make it easier for most people.


Multiple relay design optimizations have been planned, which covers load balance, backend replication, new event queue, in-memory database, and a per-order POW mechanism to prevent order-spamming. These optimizations will be applied over the coming months to enhance relay reliability and performance. Our backend architect Weichao Li has been leading this effort.

Xiaolu Wu and Kun Fu has been focusing on testing and benchmarking the relay software. The results are being analyzed. Xiaolu and Weichao will collaborate on relay performance improvement.

All relay APIs, except those for 1) QRCode-based trading and 2) per-order POW, have been implemented and integrated with our wallets (web and iOS). The relay is now fully functional with protocol v1.3.


Web-based Wallet (loopr): Loopr wallet is also fully functional. During the last two weeks, we have been focused on polishing Looper’s UI and improving the overall user experience which remains to be a big challenge. Localization is mostly done for English and Mandarin. With over 400 commits, the team is striving to deliver the best wallet to the community ASAP.

iOS Wallet App (loopr-ios): We made pretty good progress on loopr-ios as well. The app can now send and receive ERC20 tokens, and has a working market page. We have also tested several fonts to improve the UI. The current plan is to start testing the app in May.


We have posted a bounty program for translating our new whitepaper into multiple languages. The review and evaluation of all translations are still pending due to Daniel’s trip to China.

Operation and Marketing

  • 03/19/2018: We published a new Loopring introduction video.
  • 03/23/2018: We announced our second China City Tour plan which covers more than 20 second-tier cities. If you are in China, please vote for your city to host one of our meetups on WeChat. We also call for partners to co-host some of these events.
  • 03/24/2018: Daniel was interviewed by China Central Television (CCTV), the predominant state television broadcaster in China. The show will be broadcasted on CCTV-2 (“Economy”) channel.
Daniel on CCTV, Beijing, China
  • 03/26/2018: Daniel gave a tech talk on Loopring in Alibaba headquarter. The tech-talk was live streamed to all Alibaba full-time employees.
Daniel in Alibaba Headquarter, Hangzhou, China
  • 03/28–30/2018: We had our 2nd offsite in Chun’an, China. The team did a retrospective and held a peer review session for each developer. We have also decided to adopt OKR to measure performance starting from Q2.
Loopring Offsite in Chun’an, China

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