Major protocol 3.0 improvements, LRC token contract upgrade completed, and Blockchain Week New York kicks off.

Research & Development


We have optimized Protocol 3.0 in two main aspects:

  1. Better storing the data needed for on-chain data-availability;
  2. Withdraw distribution optimization

First of all, we have implemented a much more efficient way to store the data needed for data-availability. The current throughput with on-chain data availability has been increased quite substantially, from 80 trades/second, to 120 trades/second. The gas fee of each transaction has also been reduced. Given on-chain data availability, the main bottleneck for the throughput is the size of data.

Additionally, we have implemented withdraw distribution optimization. It is usually done by operators. For those blocks having a lot of withdrawal operations, efficiency and flexibility can be improved by reducing gas. If withdraw operations are distributed in multiple transactions, the system can support larger block size. If ETH transactions can be created with a lower gas fee, the fee in an operator can also be reduced.

We have also completed LRC token contract upgrade in the past two weeks. LRC now lives here: 0xBBbbCA6A901c926F240b89EacB641d8Aec7AEafD. We have mapped LRC to all holders including wallets and centralized exchange platforms. We’ve also mapped LRC to a new Long Term Incentive Program at 0xC8Fcc48D1454a83589169294470549A2e1713DeC.


We have completed a minimum viable product of Lightcone Relay 2.0 — with compatibility for Loopring protocol 3.0. We are testing functionalities now.


We have finalized the new UI design and completed the first version of the visual elements. We have implemented Flutter animations in our apps. We have completed setting gas view, LRN airdrop view and other views. We have also implemented a performance optimization when calling Flutter code from native code. Before the optimization, it sometimes had 0.2 seconds of latency to load a Flutter view. Given the optimization, the Flutter view will be pre-loaded and it won’t have any latency.

Operations & Marketing

  • 04/29/2019 — Loopring Chinese telegram group has over 10,000 members.
  • 05/07/2019 — Loopring CMO, Jay, speaking on blockchain and Loopring technology to Suffolk University MBAs, getting more talent acquainted with the blockchain.
  • 05/08/2019 — Looping has completed LRC token contract upgrade. LRC now lives at: 0xBBbbCA6A901c926F240b89EacB641d8Aec7AEafD.
  • 05/08/2019 — Loopring has mapped LRC to a new Long Term Incentive Program at 0xC8Fcc48D1454a83589169294470549A2e1713DeC.
  • 05/08/2019 — Loopring BD director, Matthew, was interviewed by BlockchainReporter, speaking on Loopring protocol 3.0, zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) for scalability and the research with PwC.
  • 05/09/2019 — Loopring joins Unitimes, a vertical Ethereum community platform focusing on Ethereum-based knowledge, latest news, use cases and community interaction.
  • 05/10/2019 — Loopring joined Odaily anniversary event.
  • 05/12/2019 — Loopring founder, Daniel Wang, speaks at Tokenized Assets about how DEXs will finally be able to compete with CEXs at the commercial level due to Loopring 3.0 scalability advances.
  • 05/12/2019 — Daniel presents the technical details about zkSNARKs-based Loopring 3.0 at Building The New Web NYC.

Loopring will attend Consensus 2019 and many other New York Blockchain Week events. The team will join some panels and keynote speeches throughout. We will also sponsor and provide challenges/prizes at ETH NY hackathon on May 17–19. Feel free to reach out/ask questions via any of the channels below to meetup, or send to

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