Last week we released the second beta of Loopring 3.0 — beta2. This version has been repeatedly tested and is very stable. In the coming week, we will release a bug bounty for this.

Research & Development

Loopring Protocol v3

We finalized the 2nd beta of protocol v3 which will be used for internal testing. The beta2 release will also be the used for the upcoming bug bounty for protocol v3 —stay tuned this week! Many small improvements were done and the testing has been significantly improved.

This version brings Loopring’s throughput to 200 trades per second with on-chain data-availability and 660 trades without. This version also guarantees the same level of security as Ethereum main-net.

Lightcone Relayer v2

Chao Ma, former head of engineering at Alipay International, has graciously been leading Lightcone Relay architecture in the past two weeks. With his guidance, we have refactored almost all workflows, and the current architecture is much more robust and will provide better performance. Based on this update, we have designed APIs and begun development.


We have been focusing on the integration of Lightcone_v2.js SDK and web DEX. Previously, SDK was written using both Javascript and Typescript, causing API inconsistency. Right now, we have migrated all Javascript code to Typescript. We have also implemented a gRPC server for Lightcone Relay API, which has been deployed on AWS. It greatly facilitates Lightcore_v2.js SDK development and Lightcone Relay API testing. We are using mock data on gRPC server. Once Lightcone Relay API is ready, we will quickly switch to it.

Operations & Marketing

  • 06/25/2019—Decentralized financial lending platform, Constant, supported the borrowing of USD or VND (Vietnamese Dong) by collateralizing LRC.
  • 06/26/2019 — We published Loopring 3.0 Overview: From A to zkSNARKs— a high level overview of protocol v3. It describes how we use zero-knowledge proofs to achieve a scalable and secure DEX.
  • 07/03/2019 — Guo Xunhui (Steve Guo), a very experienced senior engineer and zero-knowledge expert, officially joined the Loopring Foundation as CTO. He will lead the technical team to design and develop DEX products, develop matching engines and relays, and optimize the zero-knowledge proof technology at the protocol level.
  • 07/05/2019 — Dolomite, a leading DEX built upon Loopring will be launching in the coming weeks and hosted an AMA on reddit. They also did an interview with DeFiPrime.
  • 07/06/2019 —Loopring and several institutions and media outlets hosted a meetup on decentralized exchange and trading in Shenzhen.
  • 07/07/2019 — Loopring and the Asian Blockchain Society, PiedPiper and others held a DeFi meetup in Hong Kong. Participants included PwC, Consensys, Set Protocol, GlobalSTOx and Loopnest.

Loopring is a decentralized exchange protocol utilizing zkSNARKs to bring highly scalable, non-custodial trading to the masses. You can sign up for our bi-weekly update, or learn more at:

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