Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! We hope you have enjoyed some delicious mooncakes.

Research & Development


We have implemented some of the core functions of the Loopring DEX Browser JavaScript library. We will later use the library to process DEX blocks and extract on-chain data for building a tool to access all Loopring-based exchanges. This DEX browser will also allow DEX users to withdraw funds when DEXes enter the Withdrawal Mode.

We are now part of the Perpetual Powers of Tau Ceremony that will benefit all zkSNARKs projects by providing a more reliable and easier way to perform Trusted Setup. We helped translate the announcement post and the project's README file into Chinese.

Anyone who deploys a zk-SNARK circuit to production must perform a computation called a trusted setup in order to generate a proving key and verifying key. Unfortunately, this process also produces a piece of data called toxic waste which must be discarded, as it can be used to produce fake proofs and thereby violate the security of the system. To solve this, the trusted setup can be performed using a special cryptographic ceremony in which multiple participants each take turns to perform a computation. The final result of all the computations can be trusted as long as just one participant ensures that they securely discard their toxic waste.

The more people that participate the better, so please reach out to the coordinators (Wei Jie, Barry Whitehat) or us to join!

Lightcone Relayer

We optimized our framework for elastic Zero-Knowledge Proof construction. Now all the CRS parameters and proving-keys are saved in a remote disk for all jobs to load on demand. This makes job-distribution more reliable and cost-efficient.

We have completed even more rounds of integration- and load-testing on deposit, withdrawal, and trading, which helped us find and fix several concurrency-related bugs. The integration between the frontend and the relayer backend is now close to completion. Deployment of relayer is now easier after the Kubernetes integration.

On Sept. 12th, we launched an internal DEX based on a 3.0 protocol deployed on a private Ethereum network. We are now busy identifying and fixing more relayer bugs so that we can bring the DEX to the Ropsten network soon.

DEX Frontend

More pages including orderbook, candlestick chart, trade history, deposit- and withdrawal-history, are now integrated with a real Relayer backend. We also refactored lightcone_v2.js library and added more unit-tests for improving code quality. We also enhanced the WebSocket API documentation.

Operations & Marketing

  • 09/03/2019 — Xangle, a global cryptoassest disclosure platform, provides institutional-grade reports of Loopring for prominent global investment banks and investors. Loopring is rated as A+ by Xangle based on its evaluation.
  • 09/05/2019 — Loopring hosted the second quizzes with prizes on Weibo.
  • 09/10/2019 — Loopring BD Director, Matthew Finestone, attended DeFi Summit London, speaking about our ZK Rollup DEX protocol.
  • 10/09/2019 — Loopring launched a new website! You can learn more at loopring.org.
  • 11/09/2019 — HyperDAO conducted an interview with our founder, Daniel Wang. Daniel shared his views on Loopring Protocol 3.0 and DEX in general.
  • 12/09/2019 — We announced our DEX meetup in Osaka right before Devcon5, (October 7th), with Kyber, Uniswap, and Gnosis.
  • Videos from Berlin Blockchain Week: Loopring at Chainlink OracleNode Web3 (about FMUs and Loopring v3), and Dappcon (about Loopring and the dxDAO).

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