We have successfully completed smart contact development for protocol2 and protocol2-js and we are continuing to test and improve the code.
Meanwhile, our second bug and optimization bounty program is underway.
Our dev team has also started to develop loopring smart contracts 2.1. This will begin to incorporate a focus on security tokens and the ERC1400 standard. We have also teamed up with the team to start developing a sidechain solution to allow for high performance, DEX specific transactions with ultimate settlement to Ethereum.


Relay 1.0

We have been maintaining Relay 1.0 to make sure that all functionalities work in the new version of wallets, especially P2P orders. We also have removed some inactive tokens from the Relay’s hosted orderbooks.

Lightcone (Relay 2.0)

In the past two weeks, we have completed the core feature of the new order matching mechanism and refactored the order size management. This will improve the orderbook and make order matching more efficient. The new version of Socketio and JSON RPC APIs have been moved to the verification stage, including fetching transaction data and trading history data from CoinMarketCap and MyToken. We have also implemented unit tests for these APIs. In the next step, we will integrate all components in Lightcone Relay and start integration tests.

Frontend & Product

iOS Wallet

We have updated P2P trading in iOS app for the third LRN airdrop (please note we have slightly pushed back/expanded the airdrop date to ensure everything works perfectly and anyone who’d like to, can participate). As the P2P trading API has been updated, QR codes generated in 0.9.15 and earlier version won’t be compatible to Android app or 0.9.16 version. Please update your UP Wallet apps. Another important new feature is WeChat third party authorization. We have redesigned wallet list views, wallet address view and P2P QR code view. We have reduced the size of app by 50% successfully. We have fixed a crash when pressing “0” button in P2P trade view. We have implemented automatically detecting ETH address in the pasteboard: If there is a valid ETH address copied, the app will ask users whether they want to send tokens to that address (pretty neat! :).

Android Wallet

The main new feature in Android app is WeChat third party authorization. It remembers users’ settings configuration. It will make it easier for users to use across platforms. Another main feature is that users will be awarded 20% of all future trading fees from users they refer. We have implemented sharing P2P trade in Android app so that users can share a QR code of P2P trade to friends. We have fixed some crashes in the last release version. We have fixed a UI bug where pending transactions of ERC20 tokens may disappear. We have fixed currency and language settings that were not restored when the app relaunches. We have fixed that the password can’t contain special characters. We have implemented notifications for importing the same address.


After H5DEX completed support for the Android app, we have been improving the P2P trade feature. We have improved displaying the price of P2P trade by adding sell price and buy price. It should make it easier for users to calculate prices and costs. Besides, we have implemented sharing P2P trade in Android app. We have improved ETH conversion and fixed all related issues. At the same time, we have also improved P2P trade notifications.

UP DEX / Circulr DEX

UP DEX is a decentralized exchange developed by UP Blockchain and Loopring. To support the third airdrop, we have released the alpha version of Circulr V2 — UP DEX for PC web. Circulr V2 has a lot of new features:

  1. Supports Kline and volume chart.
  2. Supports P2P trading where users create a P2P order that can be scanned by Android and iOS apps.
  3. Supports market trade and P2P trade in browser wallets, hardware wallets and other wallets.
  4. Supports trade in UP Wallet iOS app.
  5. Supports grey, white, purple and blue color themes with one click switch.
  6. Supports four columns, three columns with large views, and three columns with small views.
  7. Supports a message center and push notifications.
  8. Improves the whole UI style and user experiences in a short period.

You can try Circulr DEX at

We also released UP DEX macOS app. The macOS app has the same functionalities as Circulr Web but is more stable and has better performance. More importantly, it can run on any computer without worrying about different versions of browsers, which provides constant user experiences.

Loopring.js SDK

We have released Loopring.js 2.0.9. The new version has implemented notifyScanLogin and notifyCircular APIs. This will provide a better user experience when users use wallets to scan order in the web.

Operations & Marketing

  • 11/02/2018 — Loopring team attended Devcon4 in Prague. The conference was unbelievably exciting, and a super strong signal for the entire Ethereum community. 3200 attendees vs ~900 last year. Interestingly, the thousands of #buidlers are greater in number than dapp users. It is still early :).
  • 11/03/2018 — Loopring BD director Matthew attended Building The Free Web in Prague.
  • 11/05/2018 — Loopring joined blockchain community Bishijie.
  • 11/06/2018 — Loopring joined blockchain info platform Huobi info.
  • 11/07/2018 — Loopring team collected feedback from wallet users and delivered Q&A to the community.
  • 11/08/2018 — LRC was listed on Korean exchange Minebit.
  • 11/08/2018 — LRC collaborated with Tuluo blockchain community.
  • 11/08/2018 — Loopring onboarded on the Blockfolio Signal.
  • 11/10/2018 — CMO Jay will represent Loopring to join Asia/Mid East roadshows organized by EthAum Venture Partners in Singapore Nov.10, Bangkok Nov.12, Mumbai Nov.14 and Dubai Nov.16.

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