In a nutshell: the beta1 version of our Loopr wallet, available at, is feature-complete and functional. If your address has been whitelisted, you will be able to trade tokens.

Loopr wallet beta1 available at (invitation only)

Loopr now interacts with protocol 1.0.0 final deployment on Ethereum mainnet. Here are the contract addresses:

* TokenRegistry: 0x974e1e639b5a3c5f44909E1959Ab786AF21B7086  
* TokenTransferDelegate: 0x450D10A0C61f2b007384128B626F28b757A75e49  
* RinghashRegistry: 0xeE445e921F481c04A5d254A7F8f013F48A6f0947  
* LoopringProtocolImpl:  0x03E0F73A93993E5101362656Af1162eD80FB54F2  
* TransferableMultsig:  0x7421ad9C880eDF007a122f119AD12dEd5f7C123B

We believe there are still quite some bugs in Loopr as well as in our relay implementation, but trading should be very secure because the way Loopring was designed. Our engineers will do more testing to fix bugs and optimize the UI. In the meanwhile, we have started to design a brand new UX/UI for beta2. We hope beta2 will bring the user experience to the next level.

We are also working on a plan to invite LRC holders to our beta1 testing program. People in our RocketChat/Telegram channels, and those who went to our offline meetups will have a better chance to opt-in.

Disclaimer: being part of the beta1 testing program implies you acknowledge and agree to taking full responsibility for any potential lose of your asset. Please restrain yourself from using addresses that hold a large amount of tokens or ether.

With 273 new commits submitted to our github repository, and all the hard work on AWS deployment and so forth, our engineers and community contributes deserve a “Thank you”. We wish them a merry christmas and a happy new year.

Operation & Marketing

  • 12/13/2017: Our founder Daniel Wang attended Ivy Family Office Network Conference 2018 as a panel speaker. The conference was organized by IvyFON and Etheralabs.
  • 12/15/2017: To promote our local community development, we initiated a “City Partners Recruitment Plan”. City Partners shall play as Loopring’s city outposts, helping us with project promotion, community building.
  • 12/16/2017: Loopring announced a strategic partnership with Jibrel Network, it’s the first decentralized agreement to store and process traditional financial assets on Ethereum blockchain.
  • 12/16/2017: Our co-founder Johnston Chen shared blockchain outlook and Loopring’s application as a key speaker at “Blockchain Popularization Tour in China (Shenzhen)”. Ju Xie, BitShares and Ethereum program senior participant, and Zi Cen, YOYOW’s co-founder and a BitShares committee member, also joined as key speakers.
  • 12/17/2017: At 12pm EST., our founder Daniel Wang had his first AMA session on
  • 12/17/2017: We kicked off “One Month Ten Cities” program and visited Guangzhou China as our first stop. Loopring’s core member Johnston Chen shared Loopring project’s latest progress with the community.
  • 12/18/2017: Our founder Daniel Wang had interviews with BlockchainBrad and Chico Cypto.
  • 12/20/2017: LRC was listed on U-COIN (
  • 12/20/2017: Design submission for Loopring Emoticon Design Competition was due, among which we will select 20 ones for open voting on reddit.
  • 12/20/2017: Design submission for Loopring Emoticon Design Competition was due, among which we will select 20 ones for open voting on reddit.
  • 12/22/2017: Our founder Daniel Wang delivered a live #podcast on the Future of Decentralized Exchanges to over 7000 Chinese crypto-investors at . Daniel highlighted some of our 2017 achievements, unveiled Loopring’s 2018 roadmap, and also responded many questions.
  • 12/22/2017: Loopring hosted a Pre-Xmas Party in New York City. Daniel Wang (CEO) and Jay Zhou(CMO) shared the latest advances on the project and the development roadmap for 2018 (which will be publicly available in a week).

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