Loopring collaborates with Sydney-based blockchain community bitfwd to host workshops, build open-source tools, and help advance decentralized solutions.

Loopring has established a joint research initiative with bitfwd community in Sydney, powered by Founders 10x Accelerator. Founders 10x Accelerator is tailored for high-potential University of New South Wales startups who want to strengthen their entrepreneurship skills and accelerate their ventures to be investor-ready.

The initiative is tasked with building open source, free, products to support the blockchain community. Loopring looks forward to bringing decentralized trading experiences and expanding its DEX ecosystem to Australia.

Daniel Bar, chairman and co-founder of bitfwd commented:

“Australia has managed to create a very favourable environment for companies operating within the blockchain and broader fintech ecosystem. Loopring recently visited Australia and has developed strong relations with Bitfwd and some top Australian universities. We look forward to expanding our operations to Australia with the Loopring team.”

About bitfwd

bitfwd is a grassroots community of cypherpunks, blockchain developers, entrepreneurs, and crypto enthusiasts. We bring together resources, content and educational activities. They organize blockathons, but they also run workshops, developer sessions, publish content, and contribute open source codebase through community initiatives. They currently have a network of blockchain developers communities that is spread between Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and China.

Please reach out to jay@loopring.org for more information. Thank you!

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