We are thrilled to announce the release of Loopring 3.0-beta4 and its deployment and configuration on Etheruem mainnet. Loopring 3.0-beta4 will be used in production to serve WeDEX.

Although we still call this version a beta, we believe that 3.0-beta4 has been thoroughly tested and audited, and is ready for production. The Lightcone relayer has been integrated with 3.0-beta4 to provide services for WeDEX.

Loopring 3.0-beta4


The addresses and ENS of some core Loopring 3.0 contracts are listed below:

To see a complete list of contracts and library addresses, please read this document.

SNARK Proving and Verification Keys

You can find the first set of verification keys used by Loopring 3.0beta4 below:

The corresponding proving keys are tens of gigabytes, too large to share via Github. We’ll publish the URLs for people to download these proving key files later.

The first set of keys were generated based on the 14th MPC contribution.


As more people finish their Trusted Setup MPC contribution, we’ll regenerate a new set of keys and use them to improve the protocol’s security further.

This deployment marks a significant milestone for Loopring. We couldn’t have done this without help and guidance from many great talents from the open-source community. Thank you all! ❤

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