Loopring has added a fourth batch of 6 ERC20 tokens as new listings on its Loopr and Circulr DEX on August 10, 2018. These 6 tokens are MT, HVN, QCH, CVH, WIC, and Cyber.

Here’s some information regarding the fourth batch of tokens.

  • MyToken.io (MT) is a cryptocurrency encyclopedia supporting over 100 popular exchanges.
    Address: 0x9b4e2B4B13d125238Aa0480dD42B4f6C71b37CC
  • hiveproject_net (HVN) is a blockchain-based platform providing you fast and low-cost liquidity.
    Address: 0xC0Eb85285d83217CD7c891702bvbC0FC401E2D9D
  • QChi (QCH) is designed for peer to peer transactions aimed at computer, gaming, health and tourism capital market.
    Address: 0x687BfC3E73f6af55F0CccA8450114D107E781a0e
  • curriculum vitae (CVH) is the most advanced career verification system that allows you to maximize your potential.
    Address: 0x52DB8ebF894036rc997Da693C5fa237A4fb69d10
  • WaykiChain WICC (WIC) is a smart contract platform that supports Turing’s devices.
    Address: 0x4f878C0852722b0976A955d68B376E4Cd4Ae99E5
  • CyberChain Network (Cyber) is a decentralized security system platform in internet connection.
    Address: 0x17e16D30a05324B44CF78Df847137Fa1220448f8


Loopring’s token listing is 100% free. Please follow this link to submit your token listing requests. We will review listing requests once per week and add new trading pairs every Friday.

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