We have decided to open-source Loopring Exchange’s frontend. Now you can access the repository at:


We have also decided to create a bounty of 25,000 LRC (~$2,500) for creating a frontend for Loopring Pay.


As you may have gotten the sense in our  past few monthly updates, Loopring has begun embracing a mobile-first strategy and, as of now, fully focuses on our forthcoming smart wallet mobile app. The Loopring Wallet has recently completed audits, and is being used in an internal alpha. This wallet will have our leading layer-2 scalability tech tucked into every nook and cranny (trades, transfers, and more), so the user experience will be snappy, gasless, and hopefully go toe-to-toe with the world’s leading fintech apps. Just, you know, on Ethereum.

So with all that, plus with the rapid advancement of the actual Loopring Protocol and Loopring Relayer, we will no longer spend much time adding new features to the web UI, but of course will continue to operate it at Loopring.io. We want to put the frontend in the hands of the community, and see where you all can take the face of Ethereum’s zkRollup DEX. We welcome improvements, new features, and bug fixes, and will try to make them available on Loopring.io as soon as possible. Of course, you need not merge the improvements into Loopring.io, you can take this as a base to your own Loopring-based application.

Please note that this repository is under the Apache License and the depending libraries may have various other licenses that you need to be aware of.

Loopring Pay UI Bounty

As you may have also noticed, last week we stepped out of our purely exchange focused functionality, and released Loopring Pay, the ability for fast, free transfers on our zkRollup. It was so warmly received, and we are blown away.

However, as you see below, in its first form, the flow and UI for Loopring Pay basically looks like an “internal transfer” on the exchange. That’s because it is. But we think Loopring Pay deserves its own, payment-purposed flow and frontend.

Loopring Pay on Loopring.io

So, we are pleased to announce a bounty for creating a UI for Loopring Pay!

We have 25,000 LRC (currently $2,500) for the chosen UI. The bounty is up and funded on Gitcoin, or can be seen here on GitHub. [Note: the USD amount of the LRC reward shown on the Gitcoin bounty is currently incorrect. Current conversion = $2,500]


  1. Responsive design (right now Loopring.io isn’t mobile compatible, so mobile-friendly is important).
  2. Have a layer-2 balance page to display all layer-2 token balances.
  3. Have deposit/withdrawal/transfer history pages.
  4. Support deposit/withdrawal/transfers.
  5. Support a generic, configurable Web3 provider, and support Metamask as default.
  6. The compiled code should be really tiny for mobile integration.
  7. Use React as the frontend framework, no server-side rendering.

Please get to building, or share with your frontend friends. Besides the bounty, this UI has the potential to be the portal into Ethereum’s most fluid, secure, fast lane — which is pretty cool! Thanks to all participants in advance.

The open-sourcing of the Loopring.io frontend should provide all that is needed to learn how to interact with our zkRollup, however our API will become more finely tuned to include Pay specifics as well.

Loopring is a protocol for scalable, secure exchanges and payments on Ethereum using zkRollup. You can sign up for our Monthly Update, learn more at Loopring.org, or check out an exchange/payment app at Loopring.io.

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