Earlier this week, Loopring joined #DeFi, a community of protocols and projects seeking to decentralize finance. More specifically, #DeFi members share the passion and goal of building out the decentralized financial stack, and providing billions of people access to assets and services that many of us take for granted. # @DeFi was recently created as a shared community when many of its constituent projects realized they were facing the same hurdles, and had the same vision of ultimately replacing the siloed legacy infrastructure. #DeFi members’ collective output will be the building blocks of an open financial system, improving the current financial landscape and expanding the design space to make possible outcomes we’ve never even imagined. As Brendan Forster from Dharma notes, the core principles of DeFi are:

Interoperability and Open Source — Members of DeFi take interoperability into account when building their projects.

Accessibility and Financial Inclusion — We strive to create a financial system that is accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

Financial Transparency — We believe that financial services should not be built in opaque silos.

All this said, #DeFi is more than just an idyllic vision and fancy finance; the founding teams have already started putting on practical meetups, and will continue doing so at #DeFi Summit — Prague. Scheduled right before DevCon, this full-day event will see members lead workshops and learn from each other, compounding efforts, and maybe solving some snafus. Team Loopring can’t wait to attend and meet some fellow members.

About Loopring Protocol

Loopring is an open protocol for decentralized exchange. With Loopring, the building blocks of a traditional exchange are disassembled and reconstituted as different roles in a distributed environment. These roles include wallets, relays/ring-miners, liquidity sharing consortiums, and asset tokenization services.

About DeFi

#DeFi is an open community of projects building out the decentralized financial system. Members include Dharma, Abacus, Set, 0x, Wallet Connect, MakerDAO, dy/dx, Compound, CDx, Coinbase Wallet, Kyber Network, bZx, MARKET Protocol ,8x Protocol , Centrifuge , Connext , Loopring.

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