We sent 100 LRC each to people for their support and early adoption of our zkRollup layer-2 and the new Loopring smart wallet. Thank you.❤️

Loopring Protocol v3.1 Users (aka Loopring Exchange v1)

All users who had a Loopring Layer-2 account in protocol v3.1 (what we refer to as Loopring Exchange v1) up until November 27th, now automatically have 100 LRC waiting for them in Loopring v3.6 (what we refer to as Loopring Exchange v2), which is available at exchange.loopring.io.

If you access exchange.loopring.io with the same address you used on Loopring Exchange v1, you will see your 100 LRC waiting for you on v2 — on Layer-2.

Since both versions are effectively distinct Layer-2s, you must re-onboard to the new version, if you haven’t already. All it takes is one on-chain transaction to get aboard. [Video of onboarding.]

This represents 7824 users, all of whom have been Ethereum L2 pioneers, getting onto Loopring over the past 10 months — the first rollup around! We really appreciate your support. This is just a small thank you.

Your LRC is already waiting for you on L2.

LRC Stakers

If you have ever staked LRC, you also receive 100 LRC in your Loopring L2 account (again on the new protocol, v3.6). Just take your staking address to access exchange.loopring.io, and find your LRC waiting for you on L2.

This represents 1499 users. You have staked LRC in a period of time when fees were not the highest (L2 was not always such a hot topic!). So this is a small thank you. Expect staking mechanics to be redesigned in the near term, and LRC economics to get revamped, and alas catchup with the protocol’s and products’ advancements.

Your LRC is already waiting for you on L2.

Note: We only send 100 LRC to an individual address. If you use the same address on Loopring Exchange v1 and LRC staking, you will see 100 LRC waiting for you on v2 — on Layer 2.

VIP Account Statuses

If you had a VIP status on Loopring Exchange v1, it will follow you automatically onto Loopring Exchange v2. Whether you are a lifetime VIP status as a super early adopter, or another VIP level from registering with a code that you may have seen — your VIP status has followed you.

VIP statuses will automatically be activated when v2 is out of beta — this may be in one month or more.

Given Loopring Exchange v2 is quite different from v1 (including AMM support), the specific nature of the VIP level may change, but the gist will be the same, and the tiers will of course respect the same ranking (VIP level 4 being the highest). VIP levels give you a reduction in trading fees.

Loopring Wallet Users

All Loopring Wallet users who created an account up until today (Dec 8th), will automatically receive VIP level 3 for 1 year.

Going Forward

All of the above is a retroactive thank you to early Loopring users. You all got an Ethereum’s first rollup over the past year or so, and again, we are very appreciative you did.

We also want to look just a little bit forward, and thank the next batch of users who come directly onto Loopring Protocol v3.6 (whether via Loopring Wallet, or Loopring Exchange v2). The next 500 users will also receive a VIP level 3 status for one year.

Loopring’s Layer-2 AMM Liquidity Mining and two more reward programs will go live all together very soon. Onboard yourself to Loopring Exchange v2 & Loopring Smart Wallet, stay tuned, and get ready to scale Ethereum with us, and for incentives to do so.

About Loopring

Loopring is a protocol for scalable, secure exchanges & payments on Ethereum using zkRollup. You can sign up for our Monthly Update, check out our wallet & exchange at Loopring.io, or learn more at Loopring.org.

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