Loopring has established a strategic partnership with SECBIT Labs who specialize in smart contract security. The two teams will work closely in Loopring Protocol’s design auditing, code review, and formal verification. SECBIT Labs will also provide security auditing services for all ERC20 token smart contracts to be listed by the Loopring Protocol.

Founded by Dr. Yu Guo from USTC, SECBIT Labs focuses on smart contract security. To solve security issues in smart contracts conclusively, it develops a series of tools and services for the smart contract lifecycle: design, development, test, and auditing from aspects of cryptography, semantics, formal verification, game theory, and compiler.

SECBIT Labs would offer comprehensive auditing and formal verification for Loopring Protocol 2.0, rooting out vulnerabilities in code and business logic; Also, SECBIT Labs would provide custom smart contract security testing tools and advanced auditing service for Loopring ecosystem to ensure security and normalization of digital assets like tokens, building a healthy and organized Loopring ecosystem.

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