We have just released Loopring Protocol v1.5.1 and deployed its smart-contracts to Ethereum mainnet.

Here are the deployment addresses:

TokenRegistry: 0xAbe12e3548fDb334D11fcc962c413d91Ef12233F
TokenTransferDelegate: 0x17233e07c67d086464fD408148c3ABB56245FA64
LoopringProtocol: 0x8d8812b72d1e4ffCeC158D25f56748b7d67c1e78
TokenFactory: 0xE96D0e0C48aE747570C2C1586Bbcd454239Cb060

The major changes include:

  • LRC reward are paid from miner address instead of feeRecipient address. This will remove a potential security issue.
  • Fixed issue in getLatestAuthorizedAddresses function in TokenTransferDelegate. Previously it returns addresses that have been successfully deauthorized. Note that the previous delegates are safe concerning transferring tokens.
  • Fixed a bug in TokenRegistry.

Loopr (loopring.io) has also been upgraded to use this new release.

Deprecation of Previous Releases

As a security measure, we have deauthorized all previous protocol developments listed in this document. We will keep deprecating old protocol versions as a best practice. As a result, our users will notice that all their existing orders have disappeared from Loopr’s order-book.

This outcome is indeed expected when new TokenTransferDelegate versions are deployed. We will, however, only upgrade TokenTransferDelegate very rarely. In other words, your orders will survive future protocol updates if these upgrades are designed to be backward compatible, but your orders will become obsolete if we deploy new delegate versions.

Sell ARP and VITE tokens

To incentivize people to test Loopr, Daniel placed two more order on loopring.io to sell ARP and VITE at reasonable prices.


1ETH = 8000 ARP, or 1APR = 0.000125ETH, which is still the best private sale price without a lockup period.


1.05ETH=6000 VITE, or 1VITE = 0.000175ETH, which is the standard private sale price with a 5% fee and no lockup period — we got tremendous pressure from VITE private sale agents for selling 7000VITE for 1ETH. This 7,000,000 VITE is the last tranche Daniel will offer.

Daniel’s Orders

When you submit orders, please make sure you have enough LRC to pay the mining fee, the mining algorithm has been configured to mine only rings that yield a profit.

Please also note that the default relay employs the OTC (Over-The-Counter) model instead of the First-Come-First-Serve model used by centralized exchanges. It is expected to see bid-price higher than ask-price on Loopr’s order-book.


Our backend and frontend are both under active development. We are aware of the many outstanding issues and look forward to hearing more feedback and suggestions from our community.

Please test Loopr only with addresses that hold a small amount of tokens. We will not take responsibility for your loss caused by the bugs in our beta software.

For more up-to-date information, join us on social media:
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⭑ Telegram: t.me/loopring_en
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