One of the most exciting things about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is the ability to build on others’ work, integrating and iterating, and adding value where your team is skilled. To throw in a couple of clichés: don’t waste time reinventing the wheel, just stand on the shoulders of giants.

With permissionless protocols such as Loopring, the cost/time needed to build meaningful technology and products has never been lower. It’s not unreasonable to say that a talented team can use existing resources and build an impressive business overnight. And they don’t have to ask anyone.

The Loopring Foundation takes this tenet seriously: besides the protocol’s open-source smart contracts and off-chain relay software, we build many reference implementations — demos — to show the community exactly what different DEXs, Wallets, Relays can look like. Then, we hope the community of #buidlers has an even easier time getting started by forking our projects and making them 100x better.

This is all pretty amazing. However, one part of the building process is quite ironically overlooked and overcomplicated: interacting with the Ethereum blockchain.

QuikNode: Ethereum Nodes-as-a-Service provides and maintains dedicated Ethereum full nodes. QuikNodes are easy, always-on, with a fast internet connection for quick blockchain sync, and you never have to worry about running out of disk space.

For teams building projects that require strong performance guarantees when reading/writing to the blockchain, QuikNode covers your node needs.

When a dApp, wallet, or any other product requires heavy communication with the Ethereum blockchain, QuikNode provides the equivalent of your own personal highway(s), so you don’t have to wait in traffic.

  • For developers, QuikNode supports several TestNets and provides a reliable starting point (Geth and Parity clients supported).
  • For high-volume dApps, QuikNode PRO is a geo-distributed, load-balanced, highly-available cluster of nodes that scale with your needs.
  • For power users, QuikNode is a personal express lane vs the public road.

Collaboration Details

We want builders on top of Loopring to be able to focus on what matters, and what differentiates them — not on public node problems, nor troubles maintaining their private nodes.

For projects building on top of Loopring, QuikNode will offer a free 7-day trial, spinning up a team’s ETH node within minutes and providing technical support.

Loopring is forming this technology collaboration with QuikNode to give our third-party builders quick access to a service that will make their lives/projects easier and better.

The regular current cost of QuikNode is 0.2 ETH/month. QuikNode, as an infrastructure layer service provider, has real, fiat-world costs for hosting client nodes on servers across the world. Most teams who’ve tried it agree that it’s worth every penny (or, wei). The QuikNode team also provides great technical support in their Slack.

So if you’re building, why don’t you give it a try and spin up a node. You’ll also be helping secure the Ethereum ecosystem since more full nodes mean a more robust network!

To get your spun up for a trial, please join the Loopring Discord and simply ask a Loopring team member for a voucher code. You can also email me at [matthew at loopring dot org].

Note: Loopring does not receive any referral or commission fees on QuikNodes.

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