Loopring Technology Limited, the company that builds besides and atop the open source Loopring Protocol, is extremely glad to welcome Julien Bouteloup as an advisor, with a strategic focus on the exchange and trading side of the business.

Loopring Technology Limited (LTL) is the owner and operator of Loopring Exchange, a high-performance, non-custodial Ethereum exchange built atop the Loopring zkRollup Protocol. In its quest on the ever-evolving Ethereum and DeFi landscape, and with the view to compete and capture volume and value from centralized exchanges, the team is eager to work with and welcome Julien.

Julien has proven to be extremely adept at navigating the constantly in-flux crypto market, with a special eye for harnessing new and unique market structures or instruments. From liquidity mining to liquidating, his deep understanding of the DeFi space, anchored in an advanced mathematical concepts and quantitative trading background, make him a perfect partner to assist LTL in achieving its goals.

Daniel Wang, Loopring CEO:

“We are really excited to have Julien join us as an advisor. His experience operating in the legacy hedge fund space, combined with his knack for untangling and understanding the emergent DeFi space is a potent mix — in general, but for Loopring specifically. Loopring, in a sense, sits at the intersection of traditional and decentralized finance, given that it’s high-performance zkRollup infrastructure can compete with CEXs, while preserving the complete self-custodial guarantees of Ethereum. It is valuable for us to have someone like Julien who can straddle both worlds.”
Julien Bouteloup

Julien Bouteloup:

“I am happy to be joining Loopring’s Advisory Board. The company’s breakthrough technology — high-performance zkRollup infrastructure — comes at a crucial time for Ethereum, addressing some of the most pressing issues such as scale and cost. Such pioneering technology — 100% non-custodial trading, inheriting Ethereum-level security guarantees while capable to perform at a throughput 1000x greater (and 600x cheaper settlement cost) than layer-1 DEXes is a true development for the future of Ethereum’s ecosystem. It will also be powering some of our most advanced arbitrage strategies here at Stake Capital.”

Besides the Loopring Exchange, LTL also owns and operates the Loopring Relayer, which is offered as a backend service to other exchanges or payment applications, and the forthcoming Loopring Wallet, which will have the exchange and Loopring Pay built in. The convergence of these products and services also lends itself to areas where Julien will add value, with the creative composability that he has succeeded in.

Loopring is a protocol for scalable, secure exchanges and payments on Ethereum using zkRollup. You can sign up for our Monthly Update, learn more at Loopring.org, or check out an exchange/payment app at Loopring.io.

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