BRM, RTE, MRL, and APPC have been added onto Loopring DEXs on Sep 14, 2018.


Here’s some information regarding the seventh batch of tokens.

  1. Brahma OS(BRM) is an operating system that hosts decentralized networks by enabling the deconstruction of existing services and the use of a wide range of decentralized services and components to ensure that users can safely and easily access services on the blockchain and application. Address: 0xD7732e3783b0047aa251928960063f863AD022D8
  2. Rate3(RTE) bridges enterprises to the blockchain through cross-chain asset tokenization and identity management. Address: 0x436F0F3a982074c4a05084485D421466a994FE53
  3. Marcelo(MRL) focuses on constructing UK’s most advanced and large scale cryptocurrency mining facility based on Eco-Friendly and efficient technologies. Address: 0x82125AFe01819Dff1535D0D6276d57045291B6c0
  4. AppCoins(APPC) is a protocol for the App Economy created by the Aptoide App Store. Address: 0x1a7a8BD9106F2B8D977E08582DC7d24c723ab0DB


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