IBT and SMDX have been added onto LoopringDEX on Oct 26, 2018.

Here are some information regarding the thirteenth batch of tokens.

1. ICOBAY Group(IBT) is the global leader in the digital marketing and advertising for ICOs(Initial Coin Offerings) and the network consists of over 50 ICO directory platforms and over 1,000 social media pages and groups spread. Their services provide prominent and immediate exposure for ICOs, blockchain companies, and marketing agencies on the web and social media platforms. The custom rating system can also help investors to lower the risks for potential investments in ICOs by providing extensive information about the ICO, the team and the product behind it.

Address: 0x791425156956e39f2ab8ab06b79de189c18e95e5

2. SOMIDAX (SMDX) is offering a decentralized social interactive marketplace service platform that utilizes blockchain technology to create a new business model for social P2P interaction as well as buying and selling of products and service. SOMIDAX platform will also use existing grid and optimize current operations that are costly and inefficient while user-friendly develop applications are offered to secure mainstream adoption of the service.

Address: 0x7e8539D1E5cB91d63E46B8e188403b3f262a949B


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