TOS and LGR have been added onto LoopringDEX on Nov 2, 2018.


1. ThingsOpreatingSystem(TOS) is the decentralized layered block network technology based on SDAG. It supports hierarchical network block and reduces network node data redundancy. The block network transaction consensus mechanism is used to record data, reducing user costs. It also uses POS consensus mechanisms to write data to higher-level block networks and high-level security data requires payment.

Address: 0xFb5a551374B656C6e39787B1D3A03fEAb7f3a98E

2. logarithm(LGR)is based on Satoshi Nakamoto’s idea as a secure base, integrating with the developers along with database systems and presenting them on the blockchain base as fast as possible. Logarithm’s mission is simply to bring blockchain technology to everyone’s use. By using Logarithm, you can develop software with the most basic robust infrastructure. The art digital security ensures that your assets are safe with Logarithm and Logarithm technology is the fastest and least costly transfer process.

Address: 0x2eb86e8fC520E0F6Bb5D9Af08F924fe70558Ab89


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