TUSD, TRUE and MOT have been added onto LoopringDEX this week.

1. TrueChain (TRUE) is a truly fast, permissionless, secure and scalable public blockchain platform which is supported by hybrid consensus technology called Minerva and a global developer community.

  • Address: 0xA417AB1eE0efDD23edc2869E7BA96B89eEcf9AB

2. Olympus Labs (MOT) aims to power the next generation FinTech DApp ecosystem through the Olympus Protocol.

  • Address: 0x263c61840dbe35c300d8d5ecda19bbb986acaed

3. TrueUSD (TUSD) or TrustToken Team is the first stablecoin built on the TrustToken platform. It has three main features.

  • Stable currency: TrueUSD is backed by the US dollar, acting as a stable currency for digital exchange.
  • Legal protection: Anyone who passes a standard KYC/AML check can redeem TrueUSD for USD.
  • 1 to 1 parity: Every TrueUSD is always 100% collateralized by USD, held in professional trust firms’ banks.
  • Address: 0x8dd5fbce2f6a956c3022ba3663759011dd51e73e

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