WEB and CDCC have been added onto LoopringDEX on Oct 19, 2018.

Here is some information regarding the twelfth batch of tokens.

1.Webcoin(WEB) pioneers the technological dawn of global marketing digitalization, which is a pure utility token with a commercial impact on high-end digital advertising services.

Webcoin social mining within the Webhits.io introduces much simpler ways for earning coins within the platform. Users will be monetarily rewarded for their time and effort liking, sharing and commenting on advertiser content.

Address: : 0x840fe75abfadc0f2d54037829571b2782e919ce4

2. CDCC(CDCC)integrates digital technology and the real economy. CDCC is also creating a safe and superior digital assets’ trading platform for trade in blockchain technology assets because these assets are fast becoming the mainstream economy of the world. Fueled by the industrial passion for blockchain technology and blockchain assets reaching an all-time high, the CDCC team aims to inject fresh technical productivity into the real economy. Providing a novel approach to investment in crypto assets, CDCC is improving blockchain technology in development and promoting adoption and use of decentralized blockchain applications in service of social and commercial development.

Address: 0x78021ABD9b06f0456cB9DB95a846C302c34f8b8D


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