On August 29th last year, Loopring kicked off a mid-term incentive program through the following smart contract:


Together with the mid-term program, we also offered a long-term incentive program, longterm.lrctoken.eth, for our token holders to lock up their LRC for 18 months to claim 50 million LRC reward. Loopring might be one of the very first few teams who featured such smart contract-based programs.

The mid-term program allowed LRC token holders to deposit LRC to borrow ETH at the rate of 1ETH=7500LRC. We hoped participants of such a program can use borrowed Ether for other purposes. 180 days after depositing, participants can optionally send back ETH to get back their LRC at the same exchange rate, but this has to be done within a 90-day window.

This mid-term program is now concluded. But we would like to offer another chance for some participants to claim their LRC.

Three participants didn’t do it right in the first place — they transferred LRC directly to the program’s smart contract, thus was not able to get any Ether. For these three participants, we have sent back their LRC straight back (minus a 10 LRC as a fee). To see the list of refund transactions, click on the “view raw” link below.

LRC directly transferred to the smart contract

25 participants haven’t redeemed their LRC yet. If you are in the list and still want your LRC back, please send all borrowed Ether back to the following address from your participating address before August 4th. We will then send back your LRC to you within one week with 10 LRC deduction as handling fees.


LRC unredeemed

The following 10 addresses with receive their LRC in about two days. We will provide NO further follow-up service for the mid-term incentive program participants. Thank you.

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