We are excited to announce that LRC will be listed on the Coinvest Plus exchange on 8 am CDT on Thursday, April 11th and available for trade with $BTC, $ETH, $GUSD, and $COIN. Coinvest Plus is a secure and simple exchange with a low flat-rate of just $0.99 for trades and withdrawals.

Coinvest Plus is a US-based exchange that is registered with the U.S. SEC, FINRA, and FINCEN, which enables experienced individuals the ability to trade a variety of digital assets on a secure, compliant platform.

In addition, Coinvest Plus has an intuitive interface, advanced order book matching engine, and user-friendly tools to aid the next generation of traders in executing orders with precision and speed.

About Coinvest Plus

Coinvest Plus is a secure exchange for digital assets with an advanced order book matching system that pairs trades between sophisticated and institutional investors, who require advanced tools and features to perform analysis and execute trades at a higher frequency. Information and asset security is a cornerstone of Coinvest’s policies and is designed to keep sensitive information about their customers and any assets utilized within the Coinvest ecosystem secure.

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