Loopring has finally arrived in South Korea.

Today Loopring team has received a notification from the famous Korean crypto-exchange Upbit. Now Upbit has opened the deposit and withdraw of LRC, trading pairs of LRC/BTC, LRC/ETH markets are available now. The Korea largest allcoin exchange has received a huge amount of requests from Loopring Korean community.

Loopring foundation believes that South Korean ban on anonymous accounts will mean decentralized token exchange(DEX) getting more traction. Korean market has a huge potential to use the DEX service. And Loopring protocol enables people to build up DEX on its own wallet.

About Loopring Protocol

Loopring is the protocol for decentralized exchanges. With Loopring, all building blocks of a traditional exchange are disassembled and put together again as different roles in a decentralized environment. These roles include wallets, relays, liqudity sharing consortium blockchains, orderbook browsers, ring-miners, and asset tokenization services.

About Upbit Exchange

Upbit is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Korea, it was established by Dunamu, a Korea financial science company and Bittrex, a famous cryptocurrency exchange in US. It not only supports more than 200 trading pairs, more than 110 tokens but also supports KRW trading pairs.

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