According to our Loopring’s Bounty Reward for Medium Post Translation, we reward contributors who helped us translate our Medium posts. We have scheduled the payments.

Q2 contributors will receive LRC tokens. The conversion rate from USD to LRC is the volume-weighted, 3-day moving-mean price from coinmarketcap (as shown in the table below). We relaxed our requirements and reward most, if not all, translations at the best possible price (15 USD/100 words).


For Q3, the bounty rules are adjusted as follows:

  • We will pay only LRN (Loopring’s token on NEO)
  • We’ll pay 12 USD per 100 words if you can get a post translated within 24 hours after notice, or 8 USD per 100 words otherwise.
  • We will not reward translations if a post that declares (most likely at the bottom) that it is not eligible for the translation bounty, like this one.


This post is not eligible for the translation bounty.

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