After LEAF announced the Medium Post Translation Program in early April, our team has received 236 articles in 9 different languages.

First of all, the Loopring team truly appreciated those contributions from the blockchain community. Secondly, LEAF distributed rewards on June 30 accordingly.

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Medium Translated Post Data

Due to low views on German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Vietnamese and French channels, in addition to some ‘less than honest’ translations, our team has decided to temporarily terminate the above eight channels. The effective date will start on August 1, 2018. We will, however, maintain the Korean channel.

During the suspension, we are still pleased to receive translated posts, but we will not guarantee the rewards anymore. Our ultimate purpose is to deliver quality content, and not just quantity.

We thank you for your participation in our translation program. We treasure your contributions and time with us, and we hope you have come away with useful and profitable ideas.

We look forward to hearing from you next time, when we will put extra effort into making our next program even more useful and exciting.

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