Loopring Rocket Chat: https://loopring.rocket.chat

Finally, we decided to migrate our Slack channels to Rocket Chat, as many other projects did (Blocknet, OmiseGO, Matchpool, Aragon, 0x, Indorse, Auctus, Cofound.it, etc.)

There are several reasons for this migration: 1) we want to control the data from our own community with an open-source tool, 2) we do not intend to pay over-priced fees, and 3) invitations to our slack channels have been permanently disabled “due to repeated instances of malicious behavior taking place in your[our] workspace and failure to secure your[our] workspace…” Anyway, we should thank Slack for allowing us to use their tool, free of charge, till now.

In the next two weeks, we will continue posting announcements and news links to our slack channels; after December 15th, all members from the Loopring Foundation will withdraw from Slack permanently.

Given that telegram is blocked in China, we also recommend our telegram communities to migrate to Rocket Chat. If you are currently managing a Loopring telegram group and enjoy such experience, we can mirror the group for you on Rocket Chat with you as the moderator. If you are interested, please let me know. I believe bringing as many people together as we can have a positive network effect, which benefits both the project and every token holder.

We will pick about100 active members randomly on Rocket Chat, invite them to a private channel #red_envelope, and distribute LRC red-envelopes to them as Christmas gifts.

If you have questions, join us on social media and direct your questions to our CMO Jay Zhou.
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⭑ Rocket Chat: https://loopring.rocket.chat
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