Today Loopring Foundation has entered into an expanded agreement with Morpheus Wallet. The aim of the partnership is to create an integrated solution on NEO Smart Economy and Ethereum Blockchain.

Morpheus Wallet allows the user to receive, store and send cryptocurrencies including NEO NEP5 tokens, Bitcoin and Litecoin with support for more coins and tokens continuously being added. In addition, to its uniquely pleasing aesthetics, the Morpheus Wallet integrates real-time price charts offering users the unparalleled ability to analyze and asses cryptocurrency price data. With the integrated Loopring Protocol, easily exchange all ERC and NEP5 tokens.

Morpheus Wallet will also support Loopring LRN airdrops! Please visit How to receive free LRN airdrop instruction.

About Loopring Protocol

Loopring is the protocol for decentralized exchanges. With Loopring, all building blocks of a traditional exchange are disassembled and put together again as different roles in a decentralized environment. These roles include wallets, relays, liqudity sharing consortium blockchains, orderbook browsers, ring-miners, and asset tokenization services.

About Morpheus Wallet

The Morpheus Wallet is an all-in-one client-side desktop wallet and is the first universal wallet on the NEO Blockchain that offers users access to the NEO, Bitcoin and Litecoin blockchains in one easy to use platform, with Ethereum and ERC20 tokens coming in Q2 2018.

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