Use your skill and experience to win up to 500K LRC. This bounty program is designed to optimize Loopring Protocol smart contract to reduce gas consumption.

Loopring Protocol Smart Contracts

The Loopring project is a protocol for decentralized token exchange. We have deployed v1.3 on Ethereum mainnet. This set of smart contracts include the following files:

  • LoopringProtocol.sol: An interface for describing the protocol’s functionality.
  • LoopringProtocolImpl.sol: The protocol implementation that encapsulates most of the core logics. This file demands a great deal of review and auditing.
  • TokenRegistry.sol: This smart contract whitelists ERC20 tokens supported by Loopring protocol. Loopring will only support tokens with verified source code.
  • NameRegistry.sol: This smart contract allows ring-miners and wallets to register so the can use a smaller id instead of addresses in ring settlement transactions.
  • TokenTransferDelegate.sol: A smart contract to transfer tokens on behalf of different versions of the Loopring protocol meant avoid re-authorization after a protocol upgrade/migration.


This is our second optimization bounty program. In our first optimization bounty, we have paid contributors 687750 LRC for reducing the gas usage of our referencing test from 511465 to 367070. With additional features implemented, the current gas usage for the same test has increased to about 471100.


We will use 471100 as the gas usage baseline. For each percent of gas reduction, we will pay the contributor 10K LRC. The cap is 500K LRC.

We will also put the contributor’s GitHub URI in our smart contract source code if he/she can reduce gas usage by at least 5%.


  • You must submit fully working pull requests (PRs), including all necessary test updates. If you cannot get our final approval and become irresponsive for one week, we will close your PR.
  • We do not accept ideas, so don’t send us email, create PRs directly on GitHub.
  • Optimizations with less than 0.5% gas reduction is not qualified.
  • Optimizations that have already been submitted by another user are not eligible for bounty rewards.
  • Loopring foundation is at the sole and final discretion of these bounty programs.
  • The bounty programs starts now and ends by the end of May 2018. LRC reward will be paid before June 15th.

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