We are thrilled to announce that Steve Guo joins Loopring as our Chief Technology Officer. Steve will lead the effort on DEX product design and development, matching-engine and relayer engineering, as well as optimization of zkSNARK proof computation.

About Steve

Steve has had a wonderful career and academic background. Steve was admitted to the University of Science and Technology of China when he was only 15 years old. He graduated as a Ph.D. in computer science in 2006 and started his career at Intel as a software engineer and a tech lead.

During the following years, Steve had been dedicating his work to Android ROM development and customization and later became a true Android expert. In 2015, he joined Cheetah Mobile, a public company listed on NYSE, as a Senior Director of Engineering, after the company acquired his first startup, Jinmao Information Technology Limited.

Steve Guo <steve@loopring.org>

In early 2018, Steve founded a blockchain company, Dora Network. The company focused on side-chains and interoperability; and in the meanwhile, his team developed a strong capability for optimizing Zero-Knowledge Proof computation with GPUs.

We are lucky to have Steve aboard. His talents, knowledge, experience, and leadership are invaluable additions to the Loopring Foundation.


We’ve also hired two full-time backend developers — Yue Wang and Sheng Chen. They have both worked with Steve previously, and already have a great team dynamic. With these new talents, Loopring now has 15 full-time developers in total. Together we will bring high-performance ZKP-based DEX solutions to the Ethereum ecosystem, and beyond.

About Loopring

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