We are thrilled to announce that our advisor Terence Lam will expand his role with Loopring as ourVice President. Currently based in Hong Kong, Terence will lead the effort on strategy, business expansion, and corporate development.

About expanding his roles with Loopring, Terence stated:

“There is no doubt that blockchain is rapidly redefining how the world is being connected and how values are being exchanged. A key element of success in any disruptive innovation is the availability of an efficient, robust infrastructure. I’ve known Daniel since way before he founded Loopring, I’m excited by his vision and I strongly believe what Loopring is doing will play a significant role in tomorrow’s Ethereum ecosystem and infrastructure. It will enable our future generations to use Ethereum just like how we use internet today. I’m honored to be able to play a significant role in helping Loopring to fulfil its mission in the blockchain era.”

About Terence

Terence brings with him an extensive career and academic background. He is a renowned Adjunct Associate Professor at the HK University SPACE China Business School and a serial entrepreneur with focuses mobile internet, blockchain, and fintech initiatives. Terence is a Harvard Business School Alumni. He also carries a Master of Arts in Marketing Management degree from Macquarie University and an Hon. Bachelor of Engineering degree from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Terence Lam

Prior to his entrepreneurship, Terence has accumulated over two decades of experience in global Fortune 500 companies and has extensive experience from assignments in Singapore, Mainland China, and Hong Kong. Later on in his career, Terence co-founded several mobile online, fintech, wearable, and AI ventures. Some of them have received significant government funding and international awards.

In 2018, he became Loopring’s advisor and co-founded a blockchain accelerator at Hong Kong Cyberport, partnering with world-class legal councils and accounting firms to launch regulatory compliant asset tokenization projects.

We are lucky to have Terence aboard. His talents, knowledge, experience, and leadership are invaluable additions to the Loopring team.

About Loopring

Loopring is an Ethereum zkRollup protocol for scalable, secure exchanges & payments. Loopring builds non-custodial, high-performance products atop our Layer-2, including the Loopring Wallet — a mobile Ethereum smart wallet, and the Loopring Exchange — orderbook and AMM DEX with no gas fees. To learn more, you can sign up for our Monthly Update or see Loopring.org.

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